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  This is officially a post about everything and nothing. It was kind of getting to the point where I had a ridiculous amount of blog ideas swimming around in my head, but rather than actually, you know, sit down and write, I let them gather in the far recesses of my mind and stay there. And I haven't updated my blog in a month, so, yeah. I'm attempting to banish "Lame Marisa" to the corner for now, and bring "Somewhat Together Marisa" back for the time being. Think of this post as another 7 Quick Takes, only more than 7 bullet points, no link up, and no real purpose. I'll get back to writing real posts next week, I promise. 

1. So, first and foremost, I have a kindergartner. An adorable kindergartner in the most adorable school uniform EVER (and I take back everything disparaging I ever said about uniforms as a small child. Uniforms are my jam. No fights over school or weather appropriate clothes in the morning. Easy laundry. I'm totally sold). 
  I didn't get emotional on the first day...maybe I'm just not that sentimental of a parent, or maybe I just knew how good kindergarten was going to be for Tony. He was definitely ready for the next step (and not gonna lie, I was too. Something about the end of summer makes my children act like raging lunatics, and I for one was thrilled to have a bit of order and routine in our lives once again). Tony is happy and excited to leave for school every morning, and he's always in a good mood when I pick him up every day. Plus, his teacher has already won me over, after sending this home with the children on their first day. 
  I That's a special person right there. 

2. I am very big, very pregnant, very slow moving. I'll be 32 weeks tomorrow and I'm This little stinker whom I'm gestating is currently transverse (sort of...head on the right, leg in the crotch, another leg to my left), and posterior. Really, little one? I'm seeing a chiropractor trained in the Webster technique in hopes of flipping this baby before resorting to an ECV or major abdominal surgery, doing a ton of exercises from the Spinning Babies website (which, to be honest, never really seemed to work for me), rubbing peppermint essential oil on my belly every night, and praying. I would really prefer to avoid a c-section, since I can't imagine trying to recover from a surgery like that with four little kids and a husband with a demanding military job, not to mention I'm worried that it could cause extra issues with my already excruciating back pain. So, prayers are welcome and much appreciated. 

3. In other pregnancy news, Will said it looks like I have a marijuana leaf on my belly. Well, we DO live in Colorado. Thanks, honey! Love you too! 
Yep. Right above my belly button. If that isn't a reason to avoid piercing your belly button at the age of 19, I don't know what is. 

4. Despite the fact that I have a blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts, I kind of suck at using social media to my advantage. The other day, I saw that one of my favorite bloggers opened up a Q&A on her Instagram account, with plans to answer all questions later that day on her blog. I thought, "hey, that sounds like a great idea." I have a lot of friends I've made online over the years, through blogging, mom groups, what have you, and I love learning more about them. I thought a Q&A on my own blog would be a great idea, so I posted the same concept to both my Instagram and Facebook accounts. No one bit! I was a little bummed out, until I remembered I posted the picture/idea at 4:30am. Reality check, Marisa. Normal people do not browse social media in the wee hours of the morning whilst battling pregnancy insomnia, back pain, and a teething baby. Duly noted. So. Anyone up for a Q&A? Any questions for me, regarding our family, military life, religion, education, social media, budgeting? Ask away in the comments section, and I'll see about getting a post up relatively soon. As in, not a month from now. Promise.

5. Despite feeling run-down and just generally exhausted yesterday, Will and I rounded up the crew and made a very necessary Costco run, only to return home and realize we forgot to purchase toilet paper, personal wipes, soap, Popsicles, and frozen chicken breasts. In other words, pretty much everything that makes sense for us to buy at a big warehouse store. I'm blaming pregnancy brain. I can only use that excuse for another eight weeks or so, and damn it I'm going to make the most of it. 

6. We've been doing pretty well sticking to a healthy Mediterranean diet for the past month or so (more on that in another blog post), and when I brought up the idea of a Greek chicken skillet with cherry tomatoes, chopped spinach, red onion, garlic, and feta cheese with Greek seasoned potatoes served on the side, Will said, "hey! Fried chicken sounds like a great idea for dinner! It's in my head and I can't get it out. I'm going to the store for buttermilk!" Well, I suppose exceptions have to be made and all that. 

7. Confession: I never really had "proper" fried chicken until I started dating a Southern guy. We never had it growing up. Ever. My mom made roast chicken frequently, and I loved it, and it never occurred to me to try anything else. My Louisiana husband grew up on it, and he introduced me to the deliciousness that is Popeye's Chicken (something I've never seen in my home state of Wisconsin). I usually have a craving for it once a year, much to Will's chagrin. As he put it today, "I can eat myself sick on fried chicken." 

  Okay, technically I lied. I'm ending this post after seven blurbs, because Gianna is feverish, teething and miserable, it's 2:45pm and I'm still in my pajamas, and I have a sinking suspicion that Will is blowing up my kitchen in an attempt to prepare fried chicken for tonight's dinner. I'll be back later this week with a post on one of the following topics (please cast your vote if there's something you really want to read):

Our family's health and the Mediterranean diet
Pregnancy update, or What I'm Stressing About This Month
How I Put My Pride Aside and Learned to Accept Help


  1. I hope you don't have to have a c section, becuase yes, recovering with 4 little ones at home sounds really hard, but I will chime in here and say that my recoveries were beautifully easy, I felt ready to work out in a week, and it's an extremely convenient way to have a baby (if it's scheduled). The hardest part will be that you won't be able to pick up the littlest one for a while... I"ll be thinking of you!

    1. Thanks, hon!! I'm glad you had such good experiences with yours!


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