1. So, an almost two month blogging break isn't bad by my standards, right? I have a bunch of posts (in my head, naturally) that I'm planning on writing, including but not limited to the start of the school year, budgeting, the Mediterranean diet and how our family eats, and for a brief moment I considered touching on politics, but nah. That would just make me ragey, and put me in a foul mood for the rest of the day, and give everyone else a headache. So I'm going to veto that plan for now (see what I did there?). Rather than write an actual blog post, I'll just share some pictures and brief accounts of our recent trip to the glorious Midwest this past month and a half. Beginning with..

Gianna's first haircut, by Miss Benay (who cut my hair as a baby, and my brother's hair, and Tony's hair...what can I say. An Italian woman's dedication to a hairdresser is a powerful thing). As you can see, Gianna was unimpressed by the whole experience. 

Playtime with Uncle Mark on our first Saturday morning back in Wisconsin. I'm pretty sure I've scared my little brother away from parenthood, at least for the time being. Sorry, Mark!

4. There was a lot of this:
First time in the neighbor's pool. She loved it. ❤️ 
And this:
If there was ever a picture that captured Alessandra's personality...

4. Some quality time at the Jelly Belly factory with my bestie and two older children:
Tony: "I shall dominate the world! With or without my shoes on the correct feet!" 

5. Merry-go-rounds in the village.
"My horse is SO much better than yours."
"Nuh uh!" 

6. Meeting cousin Hugo for the first time (he and Gianna were born 10 days apart!):

7. Aaaaannnnnnd returning home, to immediately get back in the groove of trashing the house.
It's a talent, really.

Will is still on leave for another glorious week, so I'm enjoying a whole lot of lazing around, organizing things for our upcoming move in January (Lord Jesus don't get me started on this foolishness), and thinking about baking. And blogging. And cleaning. Maybe one of these days, I'll follow through.

Happy weekend! 


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