7QT-I Need Coffee

1. Haaaaaay, looky looky. I'm actually following through with my pseudo-resolution to blog more in the new year. Two posts on the first two days of 2016? Not too shabby. This is the last weekend of Will's block leave, so naturally he's downstairs making the kids breakfast and making coffee for us whilst I sit in our bed and type away. Well, what can I say, I've been nursing a hungry baby all night.
      Yes, this hungry baby.

2. November is eleven months away, and I'm already sick to death of politics/anything about the election. I don't particularly care for any of the candidates (or I outright dislike them). Just once, it would be nice to NOT walk into the polls holding my nose. 

3. Some other things I would like to do this year (naturally, with all my spare time).
  A. Make myself a reading list and read alllllll the books. Not that this is any kind of hardship; I just usually end up with a grand, ambitious list of books I've been meaning to read forever, and then I always forget to pick up the books at the library. 
  B. Learn to knit. I will not be intimidated by Pinterest projects, I will not be intimidated by Pinterest projects...
  C. Sign my two older kiddos up for an activity of their choice this winter. And swimming lessons this summer. 
  D. Branch out more with recipes. I feel like we're stuck in a food rut...please tell me I'm not the only one who has been making the same recipes overandoverandover again.

4. As much as I despise moving, we've had it up to HERE with our landlords and we're considering looking for a new house. One with a decent backyard, a good-sized kitchen, enough bedrooms for our brood, and (my own stipulation) no carpet in the bathroom. Why? WHY??? Who thought that would be a good idea? It's not 1955. 

5. Thanks to my oils, the first floor of our house continuously smells like cinnamon and pine. I have Treasure of the Season going pretty much non-stop in the diffuser. It is glorious. 

6. You guys, I'm going to have a 5-year old next week. I am so not ready for this. 
  What's on Tony's foot, you ask? The result of a 4-day stay in the hospital over Christmas week. That's a story for another day, kids. 

7. I am anxiously awaiting my Christmas present from Will; much to my mother's chagrin, it's a Tula. A customized Tula. More specifically, a customized The Walking Dead Tula. Don't judge me...it's going to be awesome. 


  1. I LOVE my Tula, can't wait to see how yours turns out!!
    and pass the coffee, these kids just don't sleep!!!
    a 5 year old, holy!!!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy


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