7QT: Woes of an Army Wife

1. Will is once again in the field for a few weeks; it's day three, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already reaching my limit. 95% of the time, I'm grateful for the military life. Seriously. Will has a steady job and paycheck, we have tons of great benefits like free housing, utilities, and inexpensive but excellent healthcare (we have Tricare Standard, for those who are wondering), we were able to live overseas for five years, travel around the world, and I've met some amazing people through the military who I know will be lifelong friends. So rest assured, this isn't another Army wife whining about how everything sucks all the time. But...sometimes things do suck. There are downsides to the military life; deployments, incredibly long days, your spouse is in the field or at a training school for weeks at a time with zero communication, dealing with Finance, etc. I've been having a couple of cranky days, and I thought I would lighten the mood by shamelessly using 7QT to describe our life (at the moment) in memes.


TRUTH. The day after Will left for his fourth deployment (in 2008), our internet went on strike. Not just any internet, mind you; TKS, German internet which was created by Satan himself. Customer service was useless. I ended up dragging our huge, bulky desktop all the way down the stairs, hooking it up to the modem on the floor of our living room, and it stayed that way for the whole eight months. 


Pretty sure these handbooks are the most useless things ever created. 


Yep...definitely learned this the hard way. 


Seven moves in ten years, people. While I may projectile vomit at the sight of a moving van and cardboard boxes, at least I can say we've become experts in PCS (permanent change of station) moves. 

The struggle is real.


Now, I'll give the military credit where credit is due, and admit there have been some massive improvements in housing over the past couple of years. But...not all the bases care that much about housing conditions and updates. We've seen some pretty scary places over the years. 

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