Embracing the Crazy

  To be honest, most of our days around here look like what I'm about to show you. Why don't I mention this more often? I'm not really sure. Maybe I like to give off the appearance that I actually know what I'm doing (I totally don't), that I have it all together (let's all take a moment to recover from hysterical laughter), and our home is calm, collected, clean, and stress free (rarely). However, in my continued effort to be honest when it comes to blogging, I'll give you a glimpse into our everyday, crazy life.

  I finally decided to bite the bullet and begin potty training Alessandra. One, stinky toddler diapers. Enough said. Two, I'm pregnant and still fairly sensitive to smells, and these exceptionally stinky, twice a week diaper washes have GOT to stop for a while. Three, the thought of having two in diapers once again is terrifying to me. So, I purchased the necessary Disney undies from Target, hauled out the Sesame Street potty and Minnie Mouse training seat, and discovered a pack of half-used stickers from one of our many attempts to potty train Tony. Now, all of the potty training books I've read have stressed over and over that you shouldn't make a big deal about stinky diapers. You don't want your child to think they're doing something wrong or shameful, and I totally get that. However, whilst changing her diaper this morning before switching her over to undies, Alessandra sat up, wrinkled her nose and said, "Dude!! Eeeew, poop!" Yeah, sorry, but that's just too funny to correct. Not to mention, she's right on the money.

  Speaking of Alessandra, this is her new favorite pastime. 
So safe. 
  Will is in the field until Monday (boo), but he had the day off yesterday. I took this extremely rare opportunity to get my hair did; cut, style and highlights for $80. That's what's up. I've had the idea of purple ombre-ish locks in my head for some time now; however, after conversing with the hairdresser and discovering that highlights like that required once per month maintenance (!!!!!!!) I was quick to decide on plain 'ole plum and burgundy highlights, without bleaching my hair first. I was quite pleased with the results, and I received a round of approval from Will and my progeny as well. Check it: 
Behold, "honest" Marisa. No shower. No makeup. 
  This morning, I was peering at my new highlights in our bathroom mirror when Will walked in the room. He said, "I really like your hair like that. Good choice on the color." 
Me: "Really? You don't think it's too young for me?"
Will: "Of course not. Besides, you're only 30."
Me: "...I'm 33."
Will: *pause* "I know that." 

  Being that Will is gone for the next couple of days, I don't feel the need to keep up the charade of being a super on-it housewife, and I can totally wing it where dinner is concerned. No planned dinners, no running to the grocery store to pick up that one last ingredient I need for dinner. I'm not sure if the kids will be pleased or disappointed to learn that their meals this week will consist of hummus and veggies, tuna fish, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chicken nuggets (the healthy kind, I swear), and pasta.

  Mornings around here...yeah. It can get a little ugly. Tony and Alessandra demand breakfast the second they wake up, and woe be to me if I don't have the exact thing on hand that they're craving. More often than not, you'll hear, "Is this really how we want to start our day?" or "I'm not going to make you anything if you speak to me that way." Yeah, it can get a little...tense here in the mornings. Fortunately, there's Bubble Guppies. Bubble Guppies is pretty much the Holy Grail to me while I'm trying to drink my morning cup of coffee in peace. That is, until the famous "Outside" dance (which makes an appearance in every episode, naturally) comes on. The kids love that song. They love it even more when I dance to it. Unfortunately for me, I won't be making a cameo on Dancing with the Stars anytime soon. My dancing skills are, well...I'll let you be the judge.

  So yeah. A friend and mom of three boys once told me that when she decided to embrace the crazy, life became much simpler. I think that will become my new mantra. 


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