So, quite a bit of blog neglect going on here lately. The holidays snuck up on us quickly, and with Will's insane work schedule we kind of had to throw everything together at the last minute. We somehow managed to pull it off, and everyone had a lovely Christmas. My in-laws came from Alabama and stayed with us for a few days to celebrate the holidays, and now we're kind of in the "we're keeping the Christmas season going until the Epiphany, but mom is feeling more sluggish and not quite with it, and why do we still have the tree up but everyone forgets to turn on the tree lights every single day?" stage. Not to mention, we have a whole lotta big changes happening to Team Tenney in the next couple of months. Beginning with...

1. Our move to Colorado Springs, CO

  Did I say months? I meant WEEKS. Yes, we are doing a cross-country move with two little kids and a dog in a matter of weeks, and I've done exactly zero preparation for said move. Okay, I've been doing a little bit of house-hunting, which essentially means I've been sorting through homes in the COS area that fit our size requirements and price range, finding what looks like the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood, only to discover that it's been snatched up already and the website hasn't been updated. Oh, and we've tentatively mapped out our route. Yep, that's about it. Things that still need to get done:

 a. Arrange for the movers to come and pack up our home.
 b. Do a massive purge and remove any junk that we've accumulated over the last year and don't want to bring to Colorado.
 c. Call the guy who installed the fence in our backyard and ask him to un-install it. 
 d. Make an appointment for housing to do a walk-through of our home before we head out.
 e. Check out hotels, rest areas, restaurants on our drive to CO. 
 f. Set aside things that must be packed in the car with us (my violin, clothes, shoes, shower/bath accessories, blankets, dog food, essential oils, toys and books for kids, phones, chargers, etc).

  So, I've decided that for now, the best course of action is to completely ignore the upcoming move, and hope that everything will take care of itself. With zero effort on my part. That will work out swimmingly, I'm sure. And, in other big news...

Because we never do anything halfway.

  I mean, what's the point of JUST doing a cross country move with two little kids and a dog when you can add a pregnant woman in her first trimester to the mix? That's right, we are expecting Teeny (hahaha) Tiny (lolololol) Tenney THREE in August! I had my first appointment with a midwife here in Georgia, and she determined that the newest member of our family will arrive on or around August 20th. Clearly, given my track record of birthing extremely late and rather large babies, I'm not holding out any hope that this baby will arrive any time before September. But we did a dating ultrasound, and we were able to hear the most beautiful sound in the world; our little one's heartbeat. 
  So! I'm currently battling round-the-clock nausea, fatigue, and back issues (which, unfortunately, still remain). Moms of 3+ children, I'll be counting on you for advice. As in, lots and lots and lots of advice. Will and I are slowly but surely getting used to the idea that our kids will outnumber us, and I'm more than a little embarrassed to report that my regular pants are already feeling pretty tight. I'm holding on to that "you show earlier with each additional child!" mantra like my life depends on it. 

  I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas, and if you're the type to celebrate New Year's, enjoy that as well. I plan on eating stuffed mushrooms, sipping my Welch's sparkling cider, and most likely passing out on the couch around 10pm. Mainly because we'll be attending Mass twelve hours later, and my pregnant butt can't stay up past 10:30pm anymore. 

Cheers to 2015!


  1. Congrats!!! You've got a busy few months (years) ahead :) Can't wait for updates

  2. Congratulations!! And best of luck with the big move!

  3. Congratulations! What exciting news!!!

  4. What great news!! I am so excited for you.

    Best of luck with the move. Some dear friends of mine live in CO and they love it. Always trying to convince us to leave our Canadian Rockies and come check out theirs.


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