7 Quick Takes Friday-Get It Together

1. So, I have about five (no joke) unfinished blog posts, and every time I sit down to actually, you know, finish writing and post, life happens. Life meaning kids deciding if they DON'T EAT SOMETHING RIGHT THIS SECOND THEY WILL SURELY STARVE TO DEATH, Alessandra pulls the cloth wipes out of the warmer and throws them all over her room, Murphy slyly pulls a loaf of (homemade!) bread off of my kitchen counter...you get the picture.

2. Will is back in the field until Sunday. I feel like I should just say, "Will is gone...again...he'll be back...sometime." He usually returns right as my sanity is getting ready to say "sayonara" once and for all. Fortunately, this is the last stupid field problem before he finally graduates from this ridiculous class and we can LEAVE!

3. Yes, I know. Easy on the caps lock before I hurt myself. What can I say, this past month has been a bit, what's the word...trying. There. Italics. Ya happy?

4. Fort Benning sponsored a wonderful program called "Trees for Troops," in which families all over the country generously donated Christmas trees for families here at base. All the families needed to do was show up, present an ID card, and claim a free Christmas tree. Wonderful, right? Only by the time Will got off work (I had no hopes of going solo, as my degenerative disk disease is too far gone to lift a 7ft. tree to the roof of our car on my own), almost all the trees were gone. Sad face. However, Home Depot came to the rescue and supplied us with a beautiful tree, that was a whole 50% less than the trees we purchased in Shreveport.

5. Ah yes, leaving, as mentioned in Take #2. It looks like we are definitely moving to Colorado next month, which frankly is just fine with me. Will was initially hoping to take another class-fortunately, one that does not involve frequent trips to the field-but since we've been here 10 months already, the Army doesn't feel like amending Will's orders. So, a move to Colorado in January it is! That should be quite the adventure.

6. I made the (loving? foolish? brave?) decision to let the kids help me bake gingerbread cookies this morning, and later decorate them. I'm predicting sprinkles all over the floor and frosting all over the wall. 'Tis the season, amiright??

7. Proud Catholic parent moment: a few days ago, I heard Tony playing in his room, and praying the Our Father. Granted, it sounded a little more like, "give us today lots of bread, and forgive us for trespassing on playgrounds, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temples, but deliver us from Evan."

You're getting there, kid.

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