12 in 2014

This is one of my favorite link-ups every year. Dwija from House Unseen generously hosts this ever popular online get-together, and I always have fun sorting through my pictures from the year. It's hard to believe 2014 is almost over. Will became an officer in the Army (okay, technically that happened in the middle of December 2013), the Army moved us to Fort Benning, GA, Little Miss celebrated her first birthday in style, we found out where our next duty station will be (Fort Carson, CO, and yes that move is quickly creeping up on us!), and we were blessed with some wonderful news. It's been adventurous, exhausting, frustrating, joyful, and at times, even relaxing these past twelve months.

  Cheers to 2015!!


Tony's 3rd birthday. He only wanted to eat the Oreo wheels off the cake I made for him.


We moved to Fort Benning (Follow Me!)


Good times, good drinks, good friends at Fort Rucker, AL


Alessandra's 1st birthday


James graduated from flight school, and we finally got a picture of Alessandra with her godparents!


My friend/roommate from junior year, at our 10-year college reunion. Lawrence University in Appleton, WI.


Poor baby was bitten by a spider. Fortunately, antibiotics and spaghetti alla carbonara helped her recover in no time.


Drinks and dinner with my little brother, who flew to GA for a visit.


Fun at the space museum.


Michaelangelo and an angry spider ready to go trick-or-treating.
Okay, two pictures in October...sue me. My cousin's wedding in NC. Welcome to the family, Piper!


Happy Veteran's Day


Tony and Alessandra have an announcement! 

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