7 Quick Takes-Living On A Prayer

1. Not only have I had this particular Bon Jovi song stuck in my head for the past week (don't ask me why), but things are a leeeeeetle bit crazy around here. In the past five minutes, while attempting to type out my seven quick takes, my mother has managed to interrupt me not once, not twice, but thrice. Why? Because she's trying to call maintenance about a roach problem we're having (more on that later), and maintenance isn't answering, so clearly I'm supposed to be able to tell her WHY they aren't answering their phone, even though it's a 24-hour maintenance line and I called them two days ago regarding the disgusting roach issue.

2. Yes, I love my mom dearly. She's an amazing, loving, compassionate woman with a seemingly endless supply of patience when it comes to dealing with small children and a, shall we say, feisty dog. I'm incredibly grateful to have her here at Fort Benning whilst my husband is in the field for ten days in a row. However, she is unable to accept the following responses:
"I don't know."
"I don't care."
"I have absolutely no idea."
"'I don't care,' said Pierre. I'm trying to write and you're driving me insane."

3. Yes, she also reads my blog. Hi Mom!

4. So, roaches. I don't get it. I'm a clean person. I don't like having a dirty house, and while I probably won't win any awards from Martha Stewart, I can say with a fair amount of confidence that I am a neat and tidy person. So why, for the love of God, am I finding at least one live roach in my home every single day? The last time the exterminator came here, I was practically in tears. I HATE bugs. I hate them with the fire of a thousand suns. I especially hate bugs that can crawl or slither faster than I can find a shoe with which to terminate their existence, and bugs that can crawl on the ceiling and OH HOLY SWEET JESUS IT CAN DROP DOWN ON ME ANY MINUTE AND GET CAUGHT IN MY HAIR AND WHAT IN THE WORLD DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS???

I can't wait until we move to Colorado.

5. In crunchy news (that is, "crunchy" as in "natural living," not crunchy as in "bugs that crunch when I stomp on them"), I actually made my own shampoo today. I ran out of my beloved Moroccan Oil, and my finger was perilously placed over the mouse, getting ready to click on Amazon's Buy With One Click option for a $65 set of MO shampoo and conditioner, when I realized, "This is insane. I don't have $65 to spend on shampoo and conditioner. Surely I can whip up a shampoo concoction with ingredients I already have in my house." Turns out, I was right. Ten minutes later, I had my very own homemade shampoo (which smelled fantastic, if I do say so myself). I'll post a DIY guide later next week.

6. I have recently become a Craigslist success story. I know there are a lot of terrifying Craigslist stories out there-and rightfully so-but this past week, I've had not one but two good experiences. First was a new mattress for Tony. My 95th percentile-height and weight-kid had totally outgrown his toddler bed, and to my great dismay, all the twin mattresses and bed sets in the area were upwards of $600. Umm, no. I found a brand new, still-in-plastic, never-been-used twin mattress and box spring on sale on CL for $50. SCORE! A few days later, I found a $15 bookshelf for myself. We HAVE a bookshelf, a lovely one purchased at a Mediterranean furniture store during our 5-year stint in Europe. Unfortunately, I have too many books and not enough space. Enter Mr. Craigslist bookshelf.

7.  Tony has a stuffed animal, given to him by my uncle Don. It's dressed in Army fatigues, and when you press its' hand, the bear sings the Army fight song. "First to fight, for the right, to defend the nation's might, and the Army, comes rolling, along." It. Is. Awful. Will and I named the bear Corporal Punishment. I can't wait until the batteries die, and I can tell Tony it's broken. Because I am that kind of awesome mother.

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  1. Bugs freak me out too. I hope you can get rid of them soon. I can never relax until I move if I've had a pest problem in a rental.

    1. Seriously!!! I absolutely can't handle bugs. I found a roach in our bedroom the other night, and I was screaming for my husband to kill it, and it scurried away under our bed. HE COULDN'T FIND IT. I had to go to sleep that night knowing there was a roach in our room, and possibly in our bed. *shudder*

    2. That is horrifying! I would not be able to sleep after that. My husband once woke up with a house centipede crawling on his face but fortunately he didn't tell me until we'd moved out of the area because I never would've slept again!


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