7 Quick Takes-Feelin' The Burn

1. This girl has been WORKING IT at the gym, and at home with PiYo. Yes, I jumped on the Beachbody bandwagon, after last year's failed attempt at T25. I know a lot of people talk up the benefits of T25 (and don't get me wrong, if you follow the program and the health plan, it works!) but it was just too hard on my joints. The jumping up and down and bouncing around really did a number on my lower back. After an MRI revealed a diagnosis of spinal stenosis (I'm seeing a spinal/ortho specialist on the 28th to discuss my options for pain management), I knew I needed to take it easy with the workouts. Sooooo 3x/week I go to the gym and do low-impact workouts, and at home I do PiYo. It feels good, but wow I'm sore.

2. I really need to ask...who is my reader from Glasgow?? I've seen your location appear quite a few times on my feed, and if you haven't already introduced yourself, please do so! I sincerely regret not visiting your lovely country when Will and I were living in Europe. Scotland was one of the very few countries we were not able to tour, much to my dismay.

3. Will's schedule is about to get uglier than my 7th grade school picture. Lots of time in the field for the next 2-3 months, which means cranky kids and a stressed out mama. Pretty sure I'll be on the phone (yeah right...on the keyboard) begging for family members to visit and keep me sane.

4. Whoever keeps leaving comments on my blog informing me that I'm going to burn in hell....kindly knock it off. It was amusing the first time; now it's just getting annoying. I really don't want to resort to The Man tactics and delete comments, as that is SO not my thing, but I can only read so much about the "Vatican 2 heresies" before I roll my eyes into the back of my head.

5. Tony has been on an argumentative kick lately. I don't mean he's picking fights with me, but more like he just disagrees with everything Will and I say. When we're driving in the car and I play a new song on my iPod (I'm on a Gaelic Storm kick right now), Tony will ask me what it's called.
Me: "This song is called 'Heart of the Ocean.'"
Tony: "No it's not!"
I have to admit, it's pretty funny.

6. Speaking of Gaelic Storm, Milwaukee's Irish Fest is this weekend, and Gaelic Storm will be performing there. I'm so sad I'm not in Milwaukee right now...I've missed both Festa and Irish Fest this summer. Booo.

7. I'm looking for new, healthy, and budget-friendly meals to make during the week. My go-to menu is getting a little tired. Feel free to post your favorites in my comment section.

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  1. Get Tony to respond to the Vatican II heresy comments! Outlet for his counter arguments.

    1. Hahahaha!! I like your approach, LeAnna! ;)


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