7 Quick Takes After Waking Up Far Too Early

1. I remember when I was pregnant with Tony, I was talking to my mom about middle of the night feedings, diaper changes, what have you. I expressed concern that I would be so tired I wouldn't hear the baby, and he would scream hysterically in his bassinet while I slept blissfully unaware a few feet away. My mom laughed and assured me that would never happen. She said every new mother always senses when her baby will begin crying, and it's not unusual to wake up in the middle of the night for no reason, only for the baby to begin crying a minute or two later. Well, not only was she 100% right (of course), but I still find myself doing that now. Alessandra is 16 months old, and anytime she makes a peep, I am jolted out of deep slumber. I suppose it's a good thing, but it's hard to remember that when it's 5:15a.m and I am unable to get back to sleep.

2. Thank goodness for essential oils. After said baby interruption, I grumpily cheerfully roused myself out of bed, and immediately headed into the bathroom to apply my morning oils. Within 5 minutes, I felt ready to take on the day.

3. Both kiddos have a dentist appointment this morning, with a pediatric dentist who received glowing recommendations from a bunch of Fort Benning moms. I'm sure everything will go smoothly, from our 30-minute early arrival to fill out paperwork to the laying back in the chair while the dentist checks out their teeth.
Sorry not sorry. What can I say, I'm an 80's/90's kid and an avid lover of Wayne's World.
4. After much consideration, prayer, and conversation, we've decided to forgo preschool for Tony for the upcoming school year. The main reasons being:

 a. While the school (part of our church) and preschool program look lovely, I can't get past the fact that it's every day of the week, from 8:15-12:15. That's a long week for a 3-year old, especially since he's stayed at home with me since he was born. Unfortunately, there aren't any 2 or 3-days/week options.

b. It's $300 per month. Could we make it work? Yes. Would it put a hamper on saving for the (most likely) more expensive Catholic school options in Colorado? Yes again.

c. My mom is coming to Georgia for a long-ish visit in September, and she made it abundantly clear that she didn't want Tony in school the whole time. Plus, we're going to my cousin's wedding in NC in October, then possibly back to WI for a visit, plus Will may be attending some intensive (read: he'll be gone for 2+ months) schools in the upcoming months, so we may visit my family again, which means more time away from school...

5. Yeah, just not practical. While I still don't feel that homeschooling is the best option for our family, I don't see the harm in doing basic preschool activities at home with him for another year. I've ordered a couple of coloring books/preschool curriculum from Seton, and we're going to give that a go.

6. Army neighbors are awesome. They do things like invite you over for Wine Down Wednesday night (is an explanation really needed?) and give you things their kids don't use anymore. Tony has been finger painting up a storm since our neighbor dropped off a bag of finger paints and Play-doh (thanks, LaQueshia!).

7. I've decided that I'm officially over summer and these mutant Georgia bugs that are torturing my children. Just a few weeks ago, Alessandra was bit by (most likely) a spider during the night, and her eye was swollen shut the next day. Yesterday we took the kids to get some frozen yogurt, and upon leaving the store, Tony was stung right underneath the eye by an unknown bug. OVER. IT.

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