7 Quick Takes-I'm So In

1. "In" the blogging world, that is. See, a few weeks ago a group of Catholic bloggers on Facebook complained that a bunch of them were receiving spam comments on their blogs, from one particularly..."forceful" individual. Mock me if you must, but my first thought wasn't relief I had yet to be spammed. I thought, "okay, clearly I'm not visible enough in the Catholic blogging world. I never received a comment from this guy." Well, a quick glance over my blog last night proved otherwise. You can read the comment in its' entirety here. After a quick search, I discovered that a few blogger friends received the same comment last night as well. Folks...we've arrived. Or so I keep telling myself.

2. Speaking of Catholics, Will and I were thrilled to discover an announcement in our church's bulletin last Sunday after Mass. The Catholic school is now offering pre-K3 starting in September! I emailed the director of the school last week, and I'm scheduled to take a tour next Wednesday. This isn't something we planned for at all; it seems as though every single school in the area doesn't being preschool until the age of 4, so I had fully planned on keeping Tony home with me for another year. To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. No decisions have been made, nothing has been carved in stone. While I definitely think Tony could benefit from a few days every week of socialization, I'm not sure he's ready yet for preschool. Plus, there's the tuition issue. I kind of had it in my mind that we would have another year to save up for Catholic preschool tuition in the Colorado Springs area (which is significantly pricier than Columbus, GA). We shall see, we shall see.

3. What makes me happy? Babies with chunky thighs and cloth diaper butts.
Right before she went through the entertainment center and grabbed Papa's Apocalypto DVD. Stinker.
4. Someone once told me that cleaning a home with small children underfoot is like brushing your teeth with Oreos. I agree and disagree. I mean, my house is *clean.* It's dirt-free, the bathrooms are regularly scrubbed, the dog hair is vacuumed up daily, etc. But man...the toys. There are toys EVERYWHERE. It doesn't matter how often I ask my children to put them away; within an hour, they'll be out and covering my living room floor again. It's infuriating and amusing at the same time.

5. Want to get your kids to eat something healthy in the mornings? Here I am to the rescue! One of our favorite morning treats is a smoothie I concocted sometime after Tony's first birthday. You will need: 1 cup of Greek vanilla yogurt, 1 cup almond milk, a handful of spinach leaves, 1 banana, and a handful of frozen fruit (we usually do blueberries, or whatever is in the freezer). Blend together, and serve to your kiddos. And yourself. This is a great pre-workout breakfast. Also, it's easy to improvise. We were sans bananas this morning, as they were over-ripe and attracting fruit flies (remember what I said about my house being clean? Feel free to laugh at me), so I just added a random cup of frozen cherries I had in the freezer.

6. Will and I recently registered with our parish (when we move to a new town, we usually attend Mass at a different church every week until we find one that's a good fit for us), and we received the welcome packet in the mail this week. I want to get involved, and I'm having trouble narrowing down 1 or 2 ministries. Help me decide, readers.
a. Mothers' Scripture Study
b. Rosary Prayer Group
c. Natural Family Planning
d. Nursery Care (I do this once a month already)
e. Right to Life
f. Council of Catholic Women

7. I shared this link a few months ago on my Facebook page, but it's so hilarious it deserves a mention on my blog. Go on, click this link. Go on, you won't regret it.

Happy weekend, everyone! For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary!


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