7 Quick Takes-Great Googly Moogly

1. For those of you who don't remember those awesome 90's Snickers commercials, here you go. (This particular one is pretty much an indication of how my morning is going).

2. I have insomnia. It's as unpleasant as one would expect, and I had a particularly awful case of it last night. Ultimately, I got about 2 hours of sleep, Alessandra was awake and in rare form by 5:30, the kids were already fighting over toys by 7am, and the dog is throwing up. I'm on day 2 of a novena to Saint Anne, and my special intention this morning was something along the lines of, "please Lord let me make it through this day pouring myself a 64-oz drink of Jameson." Okay, not really, but close.

3. I joined a women's only gym a few weeks ago, and I'm loving it so far. Very reasonable monthly fee, childcare is included, and it has the added bonus of not being surrounded by huge, sweating, muscular Rambo types like the ones you find at the gym here on base. They also offer a free session to all new members with their personal trainers, and I had mine last night. I've never met with a personal trainer before, and I'm glad I did. He gave me a full fitness profile, spoke to me about my current exercise routine (which I discovered is more or less useless), and worked out with me for 15 minutes. During which time he kicked my butt into next month. I never realized how a) I have been working out the complete wrong way ever since I turned 18 and started going to a gym, and b) how woefully out of shape I really am.

4. So, here's the big question...commit to weekly sessions with a personal trainer? Yay or nay? Pros: will get professional fitness experts working with me to lose weight, strengthen my core, help with a LOT of my back issues,  motivate me, get me in possibly the best shape of my life. Cons: the cost. It's not insanely expensive, and it's doable, but I'll have to do some creative budgeting to make it work. I'm torn. Will is very supportive, and has encouraged me to go for it if this is what I want. I do, but I'm not sure I can justify the cost at this point. Decisions, decisions.

5. My mother in-law is coming to spend the weekend with us, and everyone is excited and looking forward to her visit. I opened up the door to our guest room (we usually keep it closed, so the dog can't go in and get the comforter covered with his hair), and thought to myself, "you know, I bet my MIL would greatly appreciate it if I took all of Alessandra's newborn photos off the bed, and hung them up like I've been meaning to do for the last three months. She might also like it if I got rid of the giant suitcase in the corner, and she'd probably consider it a great personal favor if I actually made the bed." Housekeeping fail.

6. I made a rhubarb pie yesterday afternoon when the kids were napping, because that's how I roll. I ate one piece (quality control, you know. I can't, in good conscience, serve my mother in-law pie that hasn't been thoroughly inspected), and it is quite tasty. Summer produce is where it's at.

7. Parents, how old were your kids when you signed them up for swimming lessons? I would really like to sign up Tony, but they would have to be independent classes (i.e not "mommy and me" swim. That wouldn't work with Little Miss in tow). Tony loves going to the pool, but he has a definite fear of the water. He gets visibly nervous when we venture towards the deep end, and if nothing else, I'd like to ease his mind a bit.

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  1. I would love to get some personal trainer sessions. Do you have any gift-giving occasions coming up that you could ask for a month of sessions? Or maybe just start out with bi-weekly sessions - so you get the benefit of working with a trainer, as well as using what you learn in your own routine?

    1. I'm definitely considering bi-weekly training sessions (that's the only one that could possibly be in the budget right now). I definitely agree on asking for tips and exercises to do on my "off" days that I wouldn't be with the trainer. I'm slowly inching closer to hiring a trainer, but I haven't quite made the leap yet! :)


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