7 Quick Takes-Blogging Up A Storm

1. It's officially "the week." And by "the week" (in which I really mean this weekend, or the following week), I'm referring to a whole lot of blogging about Very Important Subjects, by yours truly. I've had so many posts in mind the past couple of months, and I could never really get it together, so to speak. However, I'm making a vow to be a better blogger, and over the course of the next week or two, you will finally be able to read my conversion story, how I became pro-life, and how our faith has gotten our family through some very difficult times. In other words, some pretty heavy stuff. I think I'm finally committed to sharing my stories with everyone, difficult as they may be to put on paper screen (I occasionally forget that we are, in fact, in the 21st century).

2. Will's 32nd birthday is on Monday, and you may be interested to know that he requested a red velvet cake, and 2 tattoos for a birthday gift. My husband is nothing if not unconventional.

3. Baby-wearing mamas, I need your help. What am I doing wrong with the Mei Tei? I actually find it quite comfortable (considering my numerous back issues, anything that DOESN'T make my lower back feel like it will snap in half I latch on to at the speed of light), but Alessandra fusses, squirms, and will only tolerate being carried in there for 10 minutes, tops. It's frustrating, because she wants to be carried for a good portion of the day, but throws a fit when I put her in the back carry. Help a girl out.
Who is this crazy woman and what kind of contraption did she put me in??
4. My children have puzzles, Melissa & Doug toys galore, and enough books in the house to fill a small library, yet all they want to do is play with cords. Specifically, modem/router cords. Even more specifically, they want to detach the cords from the modem and router and give their parents epic migraines.
"Thomas the Train is pretty cool, but he ain't got nothing on this yellow cord."
5. In a mere 11 days, the state of Georgia will be graced with my mother's presence. She's flying into Atlanta on Tuesday morning, and taking the shuttle to Fort Benning. I can't wait to see her again, and neither can Tony. In fact, he's already discussing the "delicious treats!" Nana will be bringing for him in her purse. I'm so proud.

6. It's such a relief to be receiving a steady paycheck every two weeks, and getting our financial act together again. Through some creative budgeting, sale shopping, and planning ahead, I'm slowly but surely building up our savings account, and putting money into our retirement fund again. Also, Pinterest is a godsend when it comes to finding budget ideas, cheap (yet healthy and tasty) meal plans, and tips for vacationing on the cheap.

7. If you haven't done so already, go purchase your copy of Something Other Than God! It's not often that you find a book with a 5-star review, and I promise, this one doesn't disappoint. (After reading Jennifer's Quick Takes, I discovered that #SOTG can also mean, "scorpions on the ground." Not cool. Not cool at all).

For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary!


  1. Looking forward to your upcoming posts! Happy military spouses appreciation day!

  2. Do you think she might like to be higher on your back in the mei tai? If you try tying the waist higher up, around your natural waist instead of closer to your hips, you can get her in position so that she can see over your shoulder. My babies always prefer being higher on my back - they HATE being too low to see anything! Worth a try, at least :) Good luck!

    1. Good call, Rosie! One of my FB friends suggested something similar. I think that's the main problem with Little Miss (and this doesn't just apply to the baby wraps and carriers); if she can't see what's going on at all times, she's going to let us know how unhappy she is!

  3. Cute kids!

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    1. Hi RAnn, thanks for stopping by! I would love to take part in a link-up. :)


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