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Linking up with Grace today at Camp Patton for a fun topic. The first song you danced to as husband and wife-let's hear it! (See what I did there?).

So, we had an Italian Catholic wedding. And we partied as good Italian Catholics should, with delicious food served all week (yes, you read that correctly), plenty of alcohol served throughout the night, and fan-freaking-tastic music, with my cousin Leo as the DJ. I'm talking Sinatra and Dean Martin during the dinner hour, the tarantella after the food was cleared away, and of course, "That's Amore." We seriously had people run out to the dance floor for the first song, and not leave until the last one sometime around midnight.

So, our first song. We chose "Con Te Partiro," performed by Andrea Bocelli. Obviously, the first reason we chose this song is because it's beautiful and we love it. Plus, we were living in Europe at the time, and we were going on a Mediterranean cruise for our honeymoon, beginning and ending in Italy. The main reason we chose this song, though (and not just because of the obvious Italian connection) is because it embodied so much of our relationship. Will and I spent the first 3 years of our relationship long distance; me in college in Wisconsin, and Will serving in the Army in Germany. We were lucky if we saw each other twice every year. Once we got engaged, we pledged to never be apart from one another again (unless of course, Army calls-and the Army did, frequently). When I translated-loosely, as my Italian isn't the best-the lyrics for Will, he agreed with me on the spot that "Con Te Partiro" had to be our song.

"There is no light if you are not here with me. Lands that I never shared with you, I shall experience with you on ships across seas that exist no more. With you, I will go. I know you are with me".

dancing at the reception

It just wouldn't have been a Wisconsin wedding if the groomsmen didn't buy cheeseheads.

We're married!!!! xoxoxoxox


  1. We dated long-distance, too, and I'd usually get annoyed when people told me how romantic it was because…well, it sucked some of the time. But despite that, I have to say picking that song, and for the reason you guys did, really is romantic! Speaking from experience, big Mediterranean weddings are the best =)

    1. Thanks Stephanie!! Couldn't agree with you more re: big Mediterranean weddings. :) You know, on one hand, Will and I are kind of grateful for the distance the first few years of our relationship. All we had was the phone or email, so we're great at communicating, and we trust each other 100%. On the other're right. The distance really did suck! :(


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