It Could Be Worse

A few days ago, our living room looked like this:
Today, it looks like this:
And this:
And, just for good measure, here's a picture of my new gas stove. That's right, biotches, I'm cooking with gas now!
Although I usually remember to remove the baby proofing cardboard box before cooking something on the stove top.
Progress, right? Never mind the fact that Will and I swore up and down we would have the living room completely cleared out by Friday night (only to have Friday night roll around, and we both decided we were too exhausted to move off the couch, let alone unpack). Then we decided Saturday would be the day...only to have Will (lucky, lucky man) get his name drawn for staff duty tonight. 4:30pm-midnight. Well, if that isn't a fantastic excuse to get out of packing if I ever heard one. Sorry, Will, I can see right through your clever plan to sit at a desk for 7 1/2 hours with a sergeant who wants to tell you ALL about the model action figures he'll be painting that night. How very clever of you!

So yeah. Slow and steady wins the race, right? As long as there's a bottle of wine at the end of the race...I'm down.


  1. I love cooking with gas, although at least my last electric oven was fairly new and did a better job than the old gas cooker we had in our previous flat.

    Next time you move, you should hide some wine *in* the boxes. Then it's more incentive to unpack.

    1. Good idea! We finally found our was hidden very well. ;)


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