Day 7: The Ultimate Cheat

So, technically I did it-I blogged for seven days in a row. Tonight, however, I'm cheating. A few days ago, Alessandra came down with a nasty cold. She's slowly but surely on the mend, but now I'm miserable and slightly loopy from taking NyQuil. We skipped Mass this morning, due to the crud, and spent the majority of the day playing with the wee ones, unpacking boxes and hanging up pictures, and making dinner. I'm ready to NOT be sick for a very long time, and have our house completely unpacked and organized. So. That was my Sunday, in a nutshell. Hopefully by next week I'll have an insightful, thought-provoking post for you. In the meantime, have pity on this sick mama of two and please send up some get well prayers for me. School officially starts tomorrow for Will, and I'm kind of in denial. Peace out for now.


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