7 Quick Takes Friday-Where's the Coffee??

1. I forgot just how much fun seasonal allergies can be. Three out of the four members of our house are suffering. Last night, Alessandra spiked a fever, and the poor thing was miserable. So were Will and I-we were up almost all night with her. So, yeah. I'm really happy that it's technically spring and all, but let's do away with this pollen before I sneeze myself into oblivion.

2. Before the Allergies of Death struck yesterday, I packed up Tony and Alessandra and we made the 2-hour trip to Atlanta. For the sole purpose of getting out of the house on Will's super ridiculous long work day (he didn't get home until 11:00 last night). We ended up going to the children's museum, which was well worth the hefty price tag.
Tony went right for the train exhibit. I was stunned. (Not).

My own little Peter Rabbit in the Briar patch. ;)
3. Now that we actually have a paycheck again, after the necessary bills were paid and the monthly budget was completed, I set to work on making our house look like a home. Which so far has included curtain rods and curtains, a Last Supper plaque for our dining room, a funky painting from Overstock.com since the movers destroyed a painting I bought in Germany a few years ago, and a hanging wall display for my beautiful Spanish plates I bought in Barcelona. Four years ago. Glad it didn't take me too long to take care of that or anything. 

4. Will's first "officer" military ball is a week from today. We're going, but I'm not particularly thrilled about a) the day of the week (seriously, a Friday? After the guys have been up since 5am and have been working all day?), b) the short notice (we only found out two weeks ago), and c) the fact that we've had to spend hundreds of dollars for the tickets, Will's Cav hat, the dry cleaning, etc. After all those expenses, I didn't really feel like dropping another $300 on a formal gown, so I found a beautiful gown on Rent the Runway. it arrives on Wednesday, and I can't wait to try it on. 

5. Between my allergies, late nights/no sleep with Alessandra, and Will's schedule, I'm pretty sure I'll end up buying stock in Starbucks. Just sayin'. 

6. I'm really, really looking forward to our move to Colorado...but I'm not looking forward to moving again. Seriously, we just DID this. I still have boxes to unpack! (In the guest room. And we have guests coming on Monday. Probably should get to that...). As exciting and adventurous as military life can be, man, this moving business ain't no joke. At least Will and I can consider ourselves "professional movers" by now, right?

7. There is seriously nothing more relaxing to me than browsing Pinterest for new recipes and making a meal plan and grocery list. Tell me I'm not the only one. 

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