7 Quick Takes Friday-Slacker Mom Revisited

1. There's so much I should be doing right now. Laundry, unpacking the seemingly endless boxes that are still gracing our home, making myself look human  presentable, making a grocery list...instead I'm goofing off online and attempting to get my family enrolled in a dental plan. And the link isn't working, so I'm frustrated. When I'm frustrated, I morph into full-on slacker mom and park my kids in front of the TV.
Surely there's a responsible adult around who will pay attention to me? Hello? Anyone??
2. The other night, Will and I went on an honest-to-goodness date. So what if the date consisted of meeting all of his co-workers and their wives/girlfriends at the pub on base for a get to know you activity? There was a drink in my hand and stimulating conversation, PLUS we had an actual babysitter. It was awesome. And I got to meet awesome people (including a new-to-the-Army couple who lives directly across the street from us). They came over last night and joined us for a much-needed glass of wine, and a lovely time was had by all.

3. Here's some exciting news for those of you who aren't friends with me on Facebook. Will already found out his next duty station...and we're moving to Fort Carson, CO!!! I was seriously jumping up and down with excitement when he texted me with the good news. Fort Carson was our first choice, and to make an already fantastic situation even better, our dear friends James and Maureen are going to be stationed there as well. We don't have a report date yet, but I don't care. I'm already dreaming of seasons, beautiful scenery, and get-togethers with our friends.

4. In slightly less thrilling news, Will was informed by finance that we won't be receiving a paycheck until April 1. Fun times. Thanks, guys.

5. Lent has begun, and I almost broke my Lenten promise last night when I pondered the wisdom of making a tasty Pinterest dessert. "I'm pretty sure I have all the ingredients in my cupboard already...wait. No. Lent. Must not. Banish all thoughts of sweets from your mind!" Will decided he's going to give up swearing. After he re-joined the Army after a two year break. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

6. Is anyone else dealing with a toddler/preschool boy who enjoys potty talk? I swear, Will and I did NOT teach him these words...but Tony thinks anything having to do with bodily functions is just the most hysterical thing ever. Just this morning, Tony was sitting in his room playing with his toys, and I could hear him saying "pee, poop, fart." Lovely. Even better was when he (Tony) burst into laughter and informed Will that he was a "butt jam bagel with cheese." Yep...I'm raising a boy.

7. Next weekend, we are heading to Fort Rucker, AL, to spend time with the afore-mentioned friends (James, Maureen, and their ridiculously cute kids). Maureen talked me into taking part in a St. Patty's Day 5K...I'm not sure how much "running" is going to happen, but I'm looking to sporting a green tutu and face paint.

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  1. Woohoo! Congrats on getting your first choice! (We went through the same thing w/ the paycheck situation - WOOF. Whyyyy)

    1. Thank you!!! Finance can be SO frustrating, can't they??? Ugh.


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