What We Wore Sunday-Our Epic Fail

So, Mass today. Yeeeeeeaaaaaah. Normally I pride myself on being an over-prepared mama. "Bobby pins? Sure, they're in my diaper bag somewhere! Pen? You got it! Wipes? Coming right up! Passports? You betcha. Sophie the Giraffe? She's right underneath the changing pad." You get the picture. So imagine my great surprise today in the middle of the homily when I was holding Alessandra and smelled a rather foul odor coming from the diaper region. "No matter!" thought I. "I always have an extra diaper...oh. Oh no. Oh nonononononono." Granted, there WAS an extra diaper in my diaper bag (who would have thought??) at some point, but not anymore. Well, I'm nothing if not creative. I scooped up Miss Stinks-a-lot, carried her to the bathroom, and wiped the, uh, offending particles off of the diaper, and flushed them down the toilet. Ideal? Certainly not. Manageable? Sure, for the time being.

No sooner had Alessandra and I exited the bathroom and were about to make our way back to the pew, when Will came rushing through the doors. (I should add that Tony was at the nursery). "Miss Donna just called me; Tony had an accident and peed all over himself." Me: "Well, that's not too big of a problem. We have an extra pair of undies and a change of clothes in his Sesame Street backpack." Will: "Yeah, we do...except I didn't grab the backpack. I accidentally picked up his old diaper bag." %$#@. Parenting for the win.

At that point, we decided to cut our losses and bring our stinky children home. It was a good thing we did; Tony had the most epic pee disaster ever. I'm talking pants, shirts, and SOCKS. But! At least we managed to get a few shots before we left our house this morning. Behold, this morning's fashion:
On Alessandra, who refused to look at the camera:
Valentine's Day outfit from Nana, purchased at GooGooGaaGaa in Brookfield, WI
On me:
Black shirt, skirt and shoes from White House Black Market
Jean jacket from Kohl's
On my goofball son, post-Mass:
Skeleton pajamas from Carter's
A bib pilfered from Sissy (it says "I can't wait to wear heels!") from the PX in Germany
Light up reindeer glasses from Auntie Judy.
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  1. Too funny! In other news, I'm really loving that skirt. You look fabulous, as always!

    1. Haha...thanks hon! I really thought the skirt completed the "mother of the year" look I was aiming for today. ;)


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