Day 4: My Favorite Catholic Memes

Okay, I'm being lazy today. I'll own it. We had a long day of far too many gross bodily fluids (a baby catching a cold, a toddler who fights potty training like his life depends on it, and a dog who is sick from eating...I'm not even going to tell you. It's gross). So. I was planning on writing a long, insightful blog post, but I'm worn out from too much laundry and too much unpacking up cardboard boxes. So! A lighthearted post it is.

It's no secret-I love my faith. Being Catholic is awesome, for a variety of reasons. It's even cooler when you come across all these hilarious memes on Facebook, Pinterest, and quite a few other sites that highlight our sense of humor (yes, we Cathies have a great sense of humor. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!). It is my great pleasure to share my favorite memes with you. Starting with...

#10 Hipster Jesus

#9 Ash Wednesday humor

#8 Who can resist a Catholic AND The Office meme?

#7 Contemplative T-Rex

#6 Napoleon Dynamite-another one of my favorite movies.

#5 Misrepresented Pope Francis quotes

#4 I'm not a huge Ryan Gosling fan, but I love the RG Catholic memes!

#3 One of my favorite saints!

#2 Of course, the Swiss guards.

and since I've been on a Breaking Bad kick since last year, I saved this one for the #1 spot...


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