Day 3: My First (Solo) Trip to a Grown Up Grocery Store

And by "grown up," I mean this:
Fresh Market in Columbus, GA. It's...beautiful. Simply lovely.
Shreveport is seriously lacking in the gourmet grocery store department (although word has it a Whole Foods will be opening up there in 2015. Go figure), so you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover that Columbus has a Fresh Market, only a mere 15 minutes away from our house on base. Seeing as how most of my kitchen is unpacked and I break into a cold sweat at the thought of having a sit-down dinner at a restaurant with two small children anytime in the near future, I decided tonight was the night. It was officially time for a "grown up meal," after Tony and Alessandra went to bed.

I (bravely? naively? prayerfully?) ventured in to this extremely expensive, gorgeous grocery store with my two little ones, who wanted to touch absolutely EVERYTHING. I played it cool. I told Tony overandoveragain that he was my "best helper," and I let Alessandra chew on a (closed, don't worry!) tube of Neosporin I keep in my diaper bag, in order to a avoid a full-on meltdown. Tony was in awe of all the beautiful produce, and the seafood display. I threw Will's seafood phobia to the wind and purchased sockeye Atlantic salmon for me, and because I'm just that kind of considerate wife, I bought him a New York Strip. Truffle arancini for an appetizer, roasted red potatoes with olive oil and parmigiano, and zucchini with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. YUM.

All was well until we reached the checkout counter; Tony loves pressing buttons on the debit/credit card readers, and I was telling him (through gritted teeth) to keep his hands off while I attempted to pay for our food. I'd have to say the high point, though, was when he handed the cashier the bottle of balsamic vinegar and cheerfully announced "BEER!!" Just what every mother longs to hear.

So yeah. I can't even describe how good it feels to cook again, and to eat healthy again. It's been so much fun sitting down at the computer, looking up clean eating (Italian, of course) recipes and unpacking all of my kitchen gadgets. Slowly but surely, our new house is becoming a home.


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