7 Quick Takes-Georgia Peach

1. Well, it's been a crazy couple of weeks! Went to Wisconsin for 8 days to visit my family and friends, braved an honest-to-goodness ice storm in Texas on the drive back to Louisiana, dealt with the movers and cleaning and driving and all that craziness that entailed, and now we are safely-and happily!-at our new home in Georgia.

2. We spent the night at my in-laws' house in Birmingham, AL on Tuesday, and we left early on Wednesday morning to make the 3-hour drive to Columbus, GA. We arrived at Fort Benning, and immediately proceeded to get completely and utterly lost. Note to self: when moving to one of the largest stateside Army bases, get a map of said base before you actually go there.

3. Miracle of miracles, we were able to meet up with the people at the housing office, and get a house that very day! (Seriously, that never happens in the military world). Since Will is a 2LT, we didn't have a ton of options-lieutenants are pretty much bottom of the barrel-but we found a decent sized, four bedroom home in a nice area. Our household goods will be delivered on Monday, our internet has been set up, and a man is coming on Tuesday to install a fence in our backyard for Murphy O'Dwyer.

4. Even though I'm not exactly looking forward to the miserably hot Georgia summer, I really think we're going to be happy here (for the 6-8 months we'll be stationed here, anyway). Columbus, GA is a fairly nice town with lots to do, Fort Benning is a very family-friendly base, and our neighbors seem like very nice people. Frankly, anything looks better after living in enlisted stairwell housing in Germany.

5. We went off-post yesterday to pick up a few things at Target, and I almost screamed in delight when I realized there.is.a.Fresh.Market. here in Columbus. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. I can taste the fresh seafood already!

6. In ridiculous parenting news, Tony is really getting the hang of potty training. He's been telling me when he needs to pee on the potty (we're still working on pooping in the potty and not everywhere else), and he's had very few accidents. When the man from Charter showed up today to set up our internet, it was chaos around here. Murphy was going insane because this man had the audacity to ring the doorbell, Alessandra was laying on the floor screaming, and I was helping Tony off the toilet. Tony ran to the door, greeted the man, and cheerfully informed him that, "I just went pee on the potty! Now I get a gummy worm!" Well.

7. This Sunday will mark our first time attending Mass on base since we lived in Germany. I already miss our wonderful Catholic community back in Shreveport. *sniff sniff*

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