Theme Thursday: Caught Unaware

So yesterday when both of my sweet, lovely, darling children were napping peacefully (and by "napping" I mean Tony was out cold and Alessandra was babbling in the crib), I took the opportunity to escape to the grocery store sans enfants. I knew my time was limited, but Will assured me (whilst playing Skyrim) that he could handle our baby girl if she decided she had had enough of the crib, and I should "go enjoy myself." Those of you who don't have children might be laughing or possibly rolling your eyes at Will's suggestion, but I assure you, when you have small children, solo grocery shopping trips are akin to leisurely sipping a glass of wine in a Parisian cafe.

So I'm doing my grocery shopping, minding my own business, when I get a text from Will. Apparently, Alessandra flipped out (the second I walked out the door, naturally), and Will wanted to know if I was on my way home. I texted him back and asked if everything was okay. Apparently, principessa simply thought that Will was getting her out of the crib and bringing her downstairs so I could nurse her. When she discovered I wasn't wasn't pretty.
Boobies? Boobies? WHERE ARE MY BOOBIES???
This was the look of shock Will received when Little Miss discovered Mama was nowhere to be found, and as luck would have it, Will managed to snap this adorable, hilarious picture of our girl before the hysterics ensued. So I'm not sure if this qualifies as "caught unaware..." but it was just too funny not to share.

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  1. That's a priceless expression!

  2. Oh, so funny. Love the caption!

  3. I think all small kids have that "Mommy's not here to cater to me" sixth sense.

    1. They absolutely do. This is not the first time Alessandra woke up the second I walked out the door!

  4. Love this entire post! Grocery shopping alone is the best! Your kids must have the Mommy Radar too. As soon as I'm out the door they realize I'm gone and all heck breaks loose.


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