7 Quick Takes Friday-Our Chilly, Ridiculous House

1. I've mentioned before that I'm very, very excited for our move to Georgia at the end of February. Know why? Because surely, no matter where on base we live, we won't have a place that is a tropical rainforest upstairs, and a temperature that closely resembles the arctic downstairs. I HATE THIS PLACE. We were all kicking off blankets and wearing t-shirts and shorts to bed last night, and now we're downstairs and bundled up like we're about to go dog-sledding in Alaska. Ridiculous.

2. Today we are headed to Fort Polk, LA to get new ID cards and hopefully Will's orders, so we can actually start the moving process. Mostly, I'm looking forward to picking up a delicious meat pie in Natchitoches. Don't judge until you've tried one.

3. We are planning our trip back to Wisconsin for a two-week visit; I haven't been in over a year, Tony hasn't been since summer 2012, and Alessandra has yet to be introduced to The Great Midwest. It will be a lovely two weeks of visiting with family, eating delicious food, watching Tony build a snowman (and who am I kidding, throwing snowballs every other minute), and planning for the plane ride like I'm planning for the apocalypse.

4. Tony's birthday (3!!!!) is in a mere two days. Want to guess how much planning I've done so far? I'll give you a moment to catch your breath from the hysterical laughter. I have his favorite dinner planned, I have an idea of what I'm going to do for a cake...but that's about it. I have yet to order balloons, wrap presents, actually make the cake...yeah. Good thing Tony is still at that age when any deviation from our normal routine is a big, exciting deal to him. I'm sure next year I'll have to pull out the big guns and actually plan a party.

5. I'm sure many of my fellow Catholics have seen this floating around the net. For all of my non-Catholic friends, or those who simply haven't seen it yet...IT'S A HOAX. I assure you. If for absolutely no other reason, we all would have heard about a Third Vatican Counsel. ;)

6. I had an appointment with an opthalmologist yesterday (haven't had an eye exam since 2009...whoops), and we were discussing why my vision in my left eye had slightly deteriorated. Nothing major, but I need an adjustment in my lens. Anyway, I told him since my last eye exam I had given birth twice, and the doctor asked me if I was nursing. When I said yes and told him we were rapidly approaching the nine month mark, he beamed and said it was "just wonderful" that I was going to try to BF for a year. When I informed him that we hoped to go past a year-and really, just let Alessandra wean when she's ready-his jaw dropped and his eyebrows shot up so fast I was worried his own glasses would fall off his face. Apparently extended breastfeeding isn't a normal "thing" in the South. Well, glad I can do my part to introduce some crunchiness to the area. ;)

7. I shall leave you with a video of my son attempting to rocking out his version of "What Does the Fox Say?" According to my mom, Tony has his papa's sense of balance and his mama's vocal abilities. I'd love to deny it, but...yep. Enjoy, folks.
Happy Friday, and Happy New Year to everyone! For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary!


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