What I Wore Sunday

Yes, you read the title correctly. There was no "we" in this game today. The whole family is down for the count, and up until this afternoon, it looked like I was the only one who escaped unscathed. GO AWAY YOU STUPID MISERABLE COUGH/COLD NONSENSE THAT KEEPS ATTACKING MY HOUSEHOLD!! AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THIS!!!!! Whew. Okay, I feel better. Well, not really. I'm sick now too, and crabby because it breaks my heart when my kids are sick. Especially my baby girl. I mean, isn't this "exclusively breastfed" magic supposed to kick in and keep my almost 8-month old daughter immune from the germs her toddler brother brings into the house? Sigh.

I love looking through my closet and finding old, Mass-appropriate clothes I haven't worn in a while. (Will says this is a sign I need to clean out my closet. Clearly, the man is insane. You never know when I might need that silver sparkly holiday dress I wore to the Nutcracker Ballet five years ago). Despite a house infected with the plague, and mama guilt over leaving my kiddos in their weakened state, I was very excited and grateful for the opportunity to escape the house for a few hours to attend Mass on this first Sunday of Advent. "O Come O Come Emmanuel" calms my spirit like none other.
Tunic: Old Navy, circa 2009
Leggings: White House Black Market
Boots: DSW
Necklace: Lia Sophia

Chillin' with the sickies before Mass.


  1. Aww, it must be tough to leave everyone behind. But think of all the grace and extra prayers you were able to get and give for them while you were at Mass!

  2. Love the tunic! But, so sorry y'all have been dealing with colds! It is absolutely miserable when little ones get sick and even moreso when it passes around. Not fun. Many prayers that y'all get better soon!


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