7 Quick Takes-on Education, Advent, and Parenting Fails

1. First, and most importantly....WE HAS A COLLEGE GRADUATE UP IN HERE! Will took his last final on Wednesday night, and when he returned home, we celebrated by eating Five Guys cheeseburgers and Cajun fries. Oh, and opening up a bottle of sparkling wine. Because I'm klassy like that.
To a job well done. Did I mention Will got all A's on his finals?
2. To celebrate the advent season, our wonderful church had two Benedictine monks give a presentation on Advent and Christmas, followed by Adoration in the chapel, followed by a Christmas party in the school's multipurpose room. As much as I would have loved to go to Adoration, I wasn't about to bring my toddler and baby (neither of whom had napped that day) and ruin it for everyone else. Instead, we opted for the Christmas party. It. was. awesome. A Christmas card making station, a table where we could send Christmas cards to veterans overseas, food, drinks and treats everywhere, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus on the stage. Tony was absolutely shaking with excitement.
According to Tony, he couldn't wait to "see Jesus, see Santa, and eat cookies!"
3. I am the worst Catholic mom ever. Even though I have a sinus infection (another one? what a change of pace! lucky me!), I was bound and determined to pick up a few cute little Catholic gifts for Tony and Alessandra at the Catholic store in Shreveport-yes, we have a Catholic store! How cool is that?-yesterday, so I could put something in Tony's shoes and leave it outside his bedroom door. Well...let's just say that didn't pan out. I was feeling so miserable yesterday, I didn't even leave the house. Fortunately Tony isn't even 3 yet, and he doesn't realize he's missing anything, but yeah. I feel incredibly lame.

4. In addition to a college graduate in the house, we also have an 8-month old. How crazy is that?
My little lovies. 
5. So, we know we're moving to Fort Benning, GA, for BOLC (Will's Army school for his new armor job, for those of you not familiar with military terms), but we're still waiting on the oh-so-important "WHEN" from the Army. Yep...any day now.

6. If you're wondering why we're so impatient for Will to receive his orders, it's because officer commissioning ceremony on December 14th+college graduation on December 15th+no orders=waiting around Shreveport with no job, no benefits, no GI Bill to hold us over...yeah. So. I think it goes without saying we would like to have orders to get out of dodge as soon as possible.

7. We are picking up our Christmas cards today. The photo shoot at the mall a few weeks ago was a little stressful, as we had a toddler who did NOT want to cooperate. I'll take a picture of the card and post it on here, because I know everyone could use a good laugh.

Happy weekend! For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary!


  1. Gosh, we were in the same situation just a month ago!! Anyyyy day now, right? Praying for you and your family during the wait!

    1. Ohh and congrats to the graduate!! No shame in enjoying DELICIOUS WONDERFUL Five Guys burgers in celebration ;)

    2. THANK YOU (for the prayers and congratulations!). :) I'm so sorry you were in the same situation, too. It's just beyond frustrating. Hopefully yours was resolved quickly!

    3. Never mind...I replied before I saw the poster. Of course your situation was resolved-you're at your new base already! I need coffee. Or sleep.


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