7 Quick Takes-Mama Needs An Eggnog

1. We had a wonderful, family-filled, loving, happy, joyful Christmas over here. I can't even begin to describe how incredible it is to be able to celebrate the holidays with Will's family. They're just...amazing people. And that's not doing them justice. We are so blessed to be part of this family!
Tony "helping" cousin Mia with her new gift.

Peek-a-boo with cousins Andrew and Maggie (Alessandra was just thrilled, can't ya tell?).

Alessandra and cousin JaJa (Jen) on Christmas day.

 2. The kiddos were not only spoiled by an abundance of love, but gifts as well.
After Santa dropped off all his loot.
The guys got these t-shirts in their stockings.
And this book (thanks, Aimee!).
Little Miss enjoying her keys (not Mama's!) for a change.
3. However, Will got the greatest present of all....HIS ORDERS!!! Finally! He has to report to Fort Benning by March 3, which means we will most likely leave Shreveport 12 days earlier (Will's parents and our good friends live in Alabama, and we will stop and visit them on the way to break up the drive). Not going to lie, I'm feeling a little nostalgic about leaving Shreveport, but I'm excited for our next adventure. Not to mention, Will is ready to be part of the Army life again. It's also safe to say both of us are looking forward to having a steady paycheck again, too. So yeah. Good times.

4. I've spent the last day and a half wading through wrapping paper, millions of puzzle pieces and tiny parts to toys (as much as I love those Melissa and Doug toys for children, I don't love the gazillion parts that accompany them), and attempting to create some sense of order in our living room. Also eating candy from the stockings. Lots and lots of candy. 

5. After repeated failed attempts of trying to feed Alessandra pureed baby food, I gave up and gave her a slice of green pepper. She gobbled it down. I attempted a celery stick, and a cut up pear. Same thing. So, looks like it's baby-led weaning for us. I was nervous about giving it a try (I'm SO paranoid about her choking), and it never occurred to me that babies wouldn't take to purees. That's all Tony wanted to eat for a very long time. But, every baby is different, so I'm all "go with the flow" as long as it's safe. 

6. Alessandra gave ME the greatest present these past two nights-only waking up once to nurse! At 3am! Seriously, this never happens. I'm hoping she's finally, finally breaking free from her need to nurse multiple times every night, and we're getting somewhere with this sleep thing. Please sweet baby Jesus let this trend continue!

7. I know I should do the "good mom" thing and start planning Tony's birthday party (January 5), but I just want to take a long, long nap. Poor kid's probably going to have last-minute, thrown-together parties for the rest of his life. Nah, not really. Just when he's too young to know any better.

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  1. I did baby led weaning with W, because after a nasty bout of flu he wouldn't take purees anymore. I was terrified of him choking until I read that they won't choke on anything smaller than a pea, so I just made sure the harder stuff was small and off we went. It's amazing what he can chomp on with his gums, even chewing up meat. Soft fruit, eggs, toast, and tinned beans (he won't eat my baked ones. go figure) have been reliable for what he'll eat even on fussy days.

    1. Good to know! Thank you for the info. :) Alessandra is "kind of" taking to BLW so far, at least, more so than the purees.

    2. I think it ends up being easier in the long run, because you never have to worry about what to feed them because they know how to eat... I'm glad she's taking to it in some form. Weaning is such a pain.


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