7 Quick Takes-We Have Been Plagued

1. Everyone in our humble abode has come down with some nasty, feverish, virus-y crud this past week. No one (with the exception of our dog) was spared. First it began with Will, who had the stomach bug. Then Tony began coughing, sneezing, and gave up trying to do anything other than snuggle on the couch. Then poor little Alessandra had a fever of 100.4 (juuuuuussssst high enough to freak this mama out), started sneezing, fussing and nursing even more than usual, and she went from a record of one and a half hours of sleep at night to 45 minutes of sleep. (That's not how she sleeps every night. The hour and a half had previously held the record for "she only slept for a total of 90 minutes oh holy sweet Jesus how will I EVER get through this day???"). Then I got hit a few days ago; sneezing, chills, throbbing headache, and a throat that's on fire. So. With the exception of Will's classes, we've been lying low this week.

2. Here is my current reading list.
Cari Donaldson's book (support fellow Catholic bloggers!), a highly recommended child-rearing book I picked up at the library yesterday, and Saint Anthony of Padua. Not too shabby.

3. My English major self is so very, very ashamed. I spent over an hour on Evite, struggling to find the perfect card to send out for Will's commissioning ceremony next month. Upon finding said card, I spent another hour composing a short but sweet note with the necessary information, and the guest list. I went back to check to see how many people had RSVP'd, and I noticed a glaring grammatical error. One that I simply can't believe I bypassed when I sent out the invite. I corrected it and hope no one noticed. Who am I kidding. Of course they noticed.

4. Please send up some prayers for Will-he finds out in (four!!!!) mere days if he was selected for active duty Army or Army Reserves. He's been working his butt off for the past two years to return to active duty, and I don't think I've ever seen him this stressed out.

5. Alessandra woke up at 3am wanting to nurse. I have been unable to fall back asleep. In the past two hours, I've watched an episode of Breaking Bad, made myself another cup of tea (my incredibly sore throat is another reason sleep is eluding me), and got a head start on my Quick Takes. I suppose if I wanted to really wow my husband and son I could whip up a 1950's housewife breakfast, complete with French toast, bacon, and freshly-squeezed orange juice. On second thought... I'm going to bum around on Pinterest.

6. My awesome parents bought me a gift certificate to White House Black Market for my birthday, and I invaded their "sale" section with the fervor of Captain Ahab. I managed to score two dresses, a pair of platform shoes, three turtleneck sweaters, a skirt, and a bracelet. My awesome in-laws gave me $$, and I promptly began buying books I've wanted to read for a very very very long time. Because Lord knows we always have a book shortage in this house. *cough cough*

7. In super lame parenting news...Alessandra is sitting up on her own!! Furthermore, she seems pleasantly surprised by this new milestone, and doesn't fuss at all when I pull her into a sitting position so she can play with her toys.
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