7 Quick Takes Friday-The Turkey Coma That Could Have Been

1. Major bummer. I was really counting on the tryptophan to get the job done around here last night. No such luck. Well, actually, I take that back. It totally knocked Will and I out, but Tony and Alessandra still did their "we're going to wake up multiple times in the night" routine. Pretty sure a trip to the pedi's office is in order today, as my kiddos still aren't feeling better. Lamesauce.

2. Despite our exhaustion yesterday, we had a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving. I never really cared for turkey (or most Thanksgiving foods in general) as a child, but this holiday cuisine has really improved since I've become a full-fledged adult. I give my dinners kind of an Italian twist, and they magically transform from boring, bland American cuisine to Little Italy right in my dining room. FYI...the Williams Sonoma garlic and rosemary brining blend is out of this world.

 This little stinker asked for a little taste of everything I made. I was thrilled-Tony isn't known for being the most adventurous eater. After I filled his plate with a taste of everything he wanted, Tony removed the napkin from his shirt and cheerfully informed me he was, "all done!" I gave him the stink eye, but it didn't have quite the effect I was hoping for. Must work on this.

4. Happy campers. Alessandra decided to forgo the festivities and opted for a nap instead.
5. As I listened to my children wake up hacking this morning, I started making a mental list of sickie supplies to get us through the weekend. In my early-morning daze, I thought, "well, I can get pretty much everything I need at Target...wait! Black Friday madness! No!! Target must be avoided like the plague!" Walgreens doesn't fall prey to that craziness, does it? I hope not, because I'm running out of options here.

6. I can't believe Sunday is the first day of Advent. I suppose Will I should rummage through our Christmas storage area and find our Advent wreath. What are the chances that the extra set of candles I purchased last year survived the Louisiana summer heat? Yeah...I'm going to go with slim to none.

7. I had pumpkin eggnog in my coffee and leftover pie for breakfast. It's, uh...tradition. *nods*

Enjoy the holiday weekend, everyone! For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary.


  1. They're gonna take away my bullseye card for this,but Walgreens is my go to for WHENEVER I can't hack the insanity of Target - especially on BF!

    1. Sweet. You just saved my sanity for today! :)


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