7 Quick Takes Friday-Hurry Up and Wait

1. So remember last week, when I posted a prayer request on my Quick Takes for my husband? I mentioned that Will would find out on Tuesday if he was selected for active duty or reserves? Well. Clearly, I've been away from the military life for far too long. On Tuesday, Will checked his email and said, "Great. Just great. For whatever reason, we're not going to know anything until Friday." Will was so anxious, he had barely gotten any sleep the night before, and now to find out he had to wait even longer? Not cool. But at least we would find out today, right? "LOLOLOLOLOLOL" said the US Army. Just kidding!! Apparently the Chief of Staff needs to be briefed before the results can be released (why??? Dear Lord, WHY???), so big shock, Will isn't going to find anything out today, either. We have now officially entered the "hurry up and wait" period. We don't know if Will was chosen for active duty or reserves, we don't know when he will leave for school (also known as "when will we leave Shreveport?"), where he will be attending school, etc.

2. Oh, have I mentioned Will still hasn't been paid by ROTC? For the entire semester? I'm not feeling too charitable towards them at the moment.

3. On to happier news-my mom is flying in today! I'm really banking on the fact that she will be so overjoyed to see her grandchildren, she won't notice the disaster that is my home. Housekeeping has kind of fallen to the wayside these past few days.

4. I don't know how (or why, frankly), but Will found this video on YouTube a few weeks ago. Apparently, it's wildly popular, and it's been making the rounds on the interwebz. Tony and Will dance to it every.single.day. Do you know what it's like having this song stuck in your head, day after day, week after week??
Interestingly enough, Will (who some of you may know has an abnormal fear of the Easter bunny) is not at all intimidated by the people in animal costumes in this video. Go figure.

5. As I've mentioned before, I'm a huge financial nerd. I wanted to use one of my Quick Takes to talk about the awesomeness that is Dave Ramsey. I've been following his financial advice, budget plans, debt plans, etc for quite a while now, and I can't praise his system enough. For those of you who are interested in living debt free and building up a savings/retirement/education fund (yes, it can be done-even with a large family!), I would strongly encourage you to check out his website.

6.It is 4:46 a.m. I have been awake since 3:15 a.m, when baby girl decided she needed a middle of the night snack. Starbucks opens in 14 minutes. Would it be wrong to sneak out of the house for a gingerbread latte? You decide.

7. Jennifer Fulwiler said on her blog that she and her husband had an interesting discussion the other night-if they could only visit 3 cities for the rest of their lives, which cities would they choose? They chose Austin, New York and San Francisco. What would I choose? Honestly, this was a no-brainer for me.

New York City
Boston (but of course, we will already be living there, so would I have to choose something else? Hmm).

Happy weekend, everyone! For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary.


  1. My family has also spent the past year and a half hurry-up-and-waiting, and now face similar nonsensical bureaucratic delays for information, so you have my sympathy and my prayers. It is so frustrating sometimes! Good luck.

    1. Ugh I'm sorry to hear that. I swear, it never gets any easier! Good luck to you as well. :)

    2. Thanks! I always remind myself that when I'm old, and hopefully settled in one place, I'll have the good memories to look back on and the uncertainty will have faded out of those memories. Plus at least it means an easier time coping with stress, because we have to learn how to handle it!

  2. Did I write take #1?? I could have! Just found you through the WIWS linkup... My husband (also named Will!) is starting active duty in the AF in a couple weeks, but we waited for months to find out when and where, with similar correspondence. Y'all have my prayers and sympathy for sure!

    1. Ah, life of the military wife!! I'm sorry you guys had to go through the same song and dance as well! Did you at least get a duty station you're happy with?


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