7 Quick Takes-Money Honey

1. If you read this title and assumed this would be another budget-related post, you would be correct. Although technically the shutdown is no more, we're still in limbo when it comes to receiving money and Will participating in government sponsored activities (be it ROTC or Reserves). So. I'm making our budget for the rest of the month stretch as much as possible, and not to brag, but I'm doing a decent job so far. Take, for instance...

2. NO MORE DIAPERS. Well, that's the plan anyway. Will is on his school's Fall break right now, and we plan to crack down on potty training with Tony this weekend. Toddler in big boy underwear+no more disposable diapers=$$ saved every month. So! Wish us luck in what I am sure will be a stressful endeavor.

3. After doing our weekly grocery shopping last week, it occurred to me that we spend a ridiculous amount of money on bread. I decided it would be cheaper (not to mention healthier, and probably tastier) if I just made my own bread at home. I did some searching on Ebay, and found a brand new, opened but unused breadmaker that was half of the retail price, plus it had free shipping. Victory was mine.
Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks of Will Ferrell in Old School whenever I see a breadmaker. "It's got three speeds!"

4. Looking for something to do with the kiddos that won't break the bank? Go to your local Chuck 'E Cheese website, and you'll be amazed at all the coupons that pop up. It's totally possible to entertain your small child for a very small amount of money. Sure, you might have to sacrifice your sanity for an evening while you're chasing your little one in between rides with flashing lights and blaring music, but it's 100% worth it if it means you don't have to spend another night in front of the TV watching Calliou. (Calliou is now banned from our home, but that's another story).

5. Need to baby-proof your home? Don't even think about using one of those professional "baby-proofing" companies. They cost a ridiculous amount of money. (If you don't believe me, watch Teen Mom 3. $325 for one FLOOR of baby-proofing???). You can get everything you need at Target or Walmart, and presto! Your home is like a fortress, only instead of keeping invaders out, it keeps your little ones from getting into your cabinets.
Why yes, that would be my 2-year old playing with the baby-proofing door handle. Which he managed to break off the door. Take a lesson from me and don't cheap out TOO much with the baby-proofing gadgets.
6. If you need to buy baby clothes, bypass those seemingly enticing coupons from places like Carters or Gymboree. The 20% coupon may look promising, but when you're looking at an $18 sleeper it's not so impressive anymore. Consignment stores are where it's at. $13 for two sleepers, an outfit and a dress? Oh yeah.

7. That's all the money saving tips I have for today, so I shall leave you with this. I'm currently using my new spiffy breadmaker to make whole wheat bread, and the house smells ah-MAY-zing. Bam! Worth it already.

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