7 Quick Takes Friday-The Zombie Edition

1. You may be thinking the mention of zombies in the title is a reference to Halloween. Nope. Will and I are zombies. Our daughter screamed all. night. long (with brief periods of sleep. And by "brief," I really mean "half hour cat naps here and there"). I'm currently sitting in the dark in front of the bright light of the computer screen, staring longingly at my cup of coffee, and wishing with all my might that it contains some sort of superpower to get me through the day. My spidey sense is telling me that even a straight up injection of caffeine into my veins won't really cut it.

2. Speaking of Halloween, Will and I took the kiddos to the Halloween superstore a few days ago to check out costumes. (We struck out with Alessandra, but Tony was thrilled to find a train conductor costume). Tony alternated between begging Will to take him over to the scary displays of zombies climbing out of graves, with spooky music, evil laughs, and lights flashing, to shrieking in terror and running away. Tony loves to be scared, but then he actually GETS scared and freaks out. Frankly, I was far more terrified of the tween girl costumes than I was of any zombie/skeleton/witch/monster display the store could come up with. Sexy witch? Sexy goth doll? Sexy SCHOOLGIRL?? What? Did I mention these are marketed towards middle school girls?

3. American Horror Story has returned to FX. I am ridiculously pleased about this.

4. This Sunday, Will, the wee ones and I will be attending our very first Canadian Thanksgiving. I mentioned a few weeks ago I met another young mother in the narthex at Mass when I went one evening with Alessandra. She's Canadian, and she invited a bunch of families from our church over to her home this weekend, where she and her husband will be hosting Thanksgiving. I'm really looking forward to meeting some of the other families in our parish (and I won't lie, stuffing and cranberry sauce sounds pretty good right now).

5. If you want to be absolutely humbled/stunned/inspired/any of the above, watch this clip of Jon Stewart interviewing Malala Yousafzai.

6. I am embarrassed to tell you how much our candy corn stash has dwindled. (And as much as I would like to blame my husband, I can't. He hates the stuff. It's all me).

7. In about 10 minutes, I will be headed out to the local abortion clinic to continue the prayer vigil for 40 Days for Life. Please send up prayers for the women, their babies, and the clinic workers.

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  1. My kids love those creepy Halloween store displays. I just hate going into those stores because I know it means a lot of painstaking searching for just the right costume. Oh how I miss when my kids were younger and I could pick out a cute costume for them in mere minutes! ...sigh...


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