7 Quick Takes Friday-Early Morning Edition

1. Why am I awake, and more importantly, writing this blog post at 3:44 a.m? Allow me to explain. Will and I have suspected for a while now that Alessandra has been outgrowing her swing. This suspicion was confirmed when she absolutely, 100% refused to nap yesterday, despite being so exhausted she had black circles under her eyes. So last night we tried an experiment. I changed her into her jammies, swaddled and nursed her, and Will put her in the crib with the white noise machine on and a light blanket over here. SHE DIDN'T WAKE UP FOR FOUR HOURS. Seriously, that never happens. The only reason she woke up at 11:45 was because Will and I were getting nervous, and he went in to check on her. I nursed her again, put her back in her crib, same routine. Not a peep until 3:15, when she woke up wanting to nurse. I'm absolutely stunned that this crib thing is working out so well. Naturally, now I can't sleep.

2. Will and I finished watching season 3 of The Borgias last night. Worst. Season. Finale. Ever. I'm willing to cut Showtime a little bit of slack here, because apparently there was supposed to be a fourth season, but the show ended up being canceled. Still. Boo.

3. I mentioned this on Facebook the other day, but this event is so monumental it deserves its' own quick take. According to Starbucks, Fall is here. I had my first pumpkin spice latte the other day. 100 degree weather outside? Ha! Take that, Louisiana! I'm dreaming of leaves changing colors, a slight chill in the air, hot apple cider and coffee, and carving pumpkins. Now, if only I could get this southern state to get with the program...

4. These past few days were a little rough (I intend to write more about our Wednesday/Thursday routine at some point). After the wee ones woke up from their afternoon naps, I was struggling to think of something to do. I was sitting in the living room, playing with Alessandra on her activity mat, and Tony was playing with his trucks. All of a sudden, he climbed into my lap, gave me a long hug, and said, "love my mama." To say my heart melted was an understatement. Tony had a long-time speech delay, and while there was no doubt in my mind that my sweet little boy loved me and enjoyed spending time with me, to hear it like that for the first time...there are no words. I gave him the biggest hug back, smothered his little face with kisses, and said, "love my Tony!"
I know it...I'm one lucky mama.

5. Not only will I be attending Latin Mass tomorrow, but I will be sporting my chapel veil. Thanks to everyone last week who shared their veiling experiences! 

6. You know you're raising Catholic kids when you tell your 2-year old to pick a bed time song, and he requests "Hail Holy Queen." Yep. Pretty sure we're doing it right over here.

7. Much as I'd like to brag about my ability to raise good Catholic children, I can't. Know why? Because I seriously have the worst language when it comes to bad/distracted drivers on the road (and believe me, here in Shreveport we've got a lot of those). Unfortunately it appears as though Tony has picked up on my impatience-I hesitate to use the term road rage, because I'm really not one of those high strung, unsafe drivers who blasts the horn at any given opportunity while screaming and shaking my fists-and has been taking notes. You want specifics? Fine. We were driving home from big boy school yesterday, and the light turned green. The guy in front of me was clearly in no hurry to get going, and I sighed audibly and did the circular, lets-get-this-show-on-the-road motion with my right hand. Tony pipes up from the back seat, "come on dude, grow a pair!" Gulp. That's what I get for assuming that my child with the speech delay wasn't hanging on to every word I was saying. Time for a) me to clean up my language, and b) a little chat with Tony on why we shouldn't use words/phrases like that. I can already see the skeptical look I'll be receiving from my kid. Sigh.

Happy weekend! For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary!


  1. You made me laugh with #7! This is why kids are so terrifying (as well as awesome).

    1. You're absolutely right!! I was stunned when it happened, and I had to force myself not to crack up! If there's one thing I learned since having kids, if you give them even the slightest hint that their words/actions are funny, they will repeat said word/action overandoverandoverandover again.


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