7 Quick Takes Friday-All Kinds of Random

1. Will and I made margaritas last night, for the first time in...a very long time.  The following conversation took place this morning.
Will: "I was having some crazy dreams last night! I dreamed that Tony was having a nightmare and I went into his room to settle him."
Me: "That wasn't a dream. Tony woke up crying around midnight." 
Will: "Wow. That was one potent margarita."

2. I've been feeling like the boss from Office Space lately. "Yeah, if ROTC could deposit the money from the two pay checks we have yet to receive in our account, that'd be great." Seriously, finance. Paychecks aren't optional, and I'd reeeeeaaaaally like to pay our October bills. Mmmkay thanks.

3. There's a meme going around on Pinterest, and it says, "if you stand in front of a mirror and say 'pumpkin spice latte' three times, a white girl in yoga pants will appear and tell you her favorite things about Fall." Love it.

4. I am anxiously awaiting the day when Will and I buy our own home. (I am well aware that this day is a long way off, as his career has us moving every 2-3 years). We currently live in a 3-bedroom townhouse, and the rental company is just awful. We have to beg and plead with them to repair ANYTHING. A few months ago, we had a particularly nasty storm, and the wind actually ripped part of the gate off the hinges by our car port, and it destroyed the storage shed. Will and I have repeatedly called the rental company to get this fixed, and I've heard "I'll put the work order in" multiple times now. I'm ready to hire a hitman to get their butts in gear. I don't actually know a hitman...but I'm sure I could find one if I had to. You just look them up in the yellow pages, right? ;)

5. I'm seriously considering banning the Disney Channel in our house, and not for the reasons you think (kids shouldn't be watching too much TV, even kids cartoons aren't entirely appropriate for young children, etc). Nope, although I'll admit those reasons are perfectly valid. I want to ban the Disney Channel because the stupid theme songs from shows get stuck in my head all. day. long. and I can't get rid of them. Who else has had the misfortune of hearing the theme from Sophia the First? I'm telling you, it ain't pretty.

6. This morning, I did something I've never done-or even thought about doing-before. I prayed the Rosary outside the abortion clinic in Shreveport. 40 Days for Life is beginning today, and our church generally picks times on Friday. I chose 7am, mainly so I could work around Will's class schedule. I was a little nervous; I had never done anything like this before, and there was a part of me that was worried about being hassled either by clinic workers or random people on the sidewalk. Neither of which happened, unless you count the person who blasted their car horn at me. I'm glad I did this, and I'll be there again next Friday morning.

7. Louisiana State Fair comes to Shreveport next month, and I'm already dreaming of bad-for-you fair food. I'm not quite sure anything can top the Wisconsin State Fair cream puffs, but I'm willing to sample as many fried delights as possible in order to make a comparison. Sacrifices, sacrifices.

Happy weekend! For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary! 


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