7 Quick Takes-Fall is...where??

1. I found this recipe (can you call an alcoholic beverage a recipe? It's my blog, so YES YOU CAN! So sayeth Marisa) on Pinterest the other day. I have all the ingredients in my kitchen, but I've been putting off actually making it. Why? Because I know it will be delicious, then I will crave it every night, and bam there goes my diet.

2. For the first time ever, I will be participating in 40 Days For Life. We even have a sign in our front yard. Go us.

3. It's absolutely hilarious listening to Tony attempt to construct sentences. He gets so excited about something, and he tries to form the words but his brain moves faster than his mouth,so he ends up sounding like a live Google Babelfish translation: "Mama have please orange juice water! Love my sissy, yeah okay!"

4. I was straightening up our bedroom the other day, when I tripped over Alessandra's bassinet (it's still in our room, despite the fact that she's been sleeping in her crib and/or swing every night for the past two months) and I realized that, "hey, in less than half a year we will probably be at our new duty station. We will have an actual house, and Alessandra and Tony might even have their own rooms." I got to thinking about how I would like to decorate Alessandra's room. I am morally opposed to anything related to Disney princesses, so naturally I started doing random searches on Etsy. I found this. And this. And this. I am going to have waaaaaaaaaay too much fun with this whole decorating thing.

5. Speaking of principessa (that's right-she's an Italian princess. Not a Disney princess) it's almost time to begin the solid food process. She will be six (!!!!) months in a matter of weeks, so I will soon begin the process of pureeing, freezing, experimenting with fruits and veggies. Good times.

6. Will has Reserves all weekend, so it's just me. And the kiddos. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I've done it before, no matter if I was almost mentally ill from lack of sleep...*slaps self* Yes. I can do this.

7. When I was at Target yesterday, my eyes immediately gravitated towards the checkout line, in which Halloween Oreos (specifically, candy corn oreos) were being advertised. I love me some candy corn. In Oreos...that could be a hit or a miss. Yay or nay?

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