What We Wore Sunday

Linking up with the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple!

I'm not going to lie, last night was rough. Alessandra decided that 2am would be a perfect time to start screaming bloody murder, and Will and I spent the next two hours trying to calm her, and trying very hard not to snap at each other. Fortunately, everyone was in much better spirits by the time we were ready to leave for Mass, and I'm proud to report that we only had to stand in the narthex for 5 minutes calming baby girl down. I can't believe it; Will and I were able to hear the homily today!

On Alessandra: dress and cardigan from Carter's, which was a gift from my grandparents. White headband: gift from aunt Francesca.

On me: shirt and pants from the sale rack at White House Black Market. Shoes: Nine West. Earrings: gift from aunt Lisa. Necklace: gift from my parents.


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