7 Quick Takes Friday-The Last Semester

1. This past week, Will began his last semester of college. It's hard to believe; we arrived in Shreveport a year and a half ago, and we'll begin the excruciating lovely process of packing up all our worldly belongings in a few months in preparation for our next move. Wherever that may be.

2. After much consideration, we have decided to limit our "duty station wish list" to Army bases in the States. Not that we don't want to go back overseas, but our recent trip to Philadelphia killed any desire of long distance plane travel with two young kids. Not to mention, we aren't sure we want to go back to Germany, and Will is going to be more likely to be stationed at a base in Italy when he's a captain. So. Europe, we love you and we WILL return one day. Just a little later than planned.

3. I am pathetically excited for the third season of American Horror Story. For other AHS fans out there...was everyone else as disappointed in Asylum as Will and I were? The first season was so amazing, and the second one just fell flat. I felt like the producers tried to cram too much into the season. A serial killer, the devil, aliens, Nazis, zombies. Meh.

4. Abby Johnson (author of the book Unplanned) will be speaking in Baton Rouge on October 23. I desperately want to meet her and hear her speak, and unfortunately it looks as though this is the only time she will be speaking in Louisiana. Naturally, the 23rd is in the middle of the week, and it's a Wednesday night and the chances of me being able to go are slim to none. Hopefully in the not too distant future, when I have a few hours to write and a glass (oh, who am I kidding, bottle) of delicious red wine next to me, I'll write about how I came to read Abby's book, and the impact it had on my life.

5. Will and I discovered yesterday that our dog has fleas. This discovery resulted in a quick trip to the vet to pick up a flea-be-gone (for lack of a better phrase) pill for Murphy, and me running around the house like a woman possessed, vacuuming every square inch of floor and carpet, throwing everything that isn't nailed down into the dryer, and searching for a place that will rent carpet cleaners. Ugh. Fleas. How disgusting is that?

6. I've developed a bad habit of not eating as much as I should during the day. It's not on purpose; it's just that Alessandra demands 100% of my attention when she's awake, so it's difficult to prepare any kind of meal for myself. When she's not awake and I try to eat, Tony decides that is the perfect time to overcome any food aversions he may have, and he wants to eat whatever it is I have in hand. Around midnight, after nursing baby girl, my stomach started rumbling. I realized I hadn't eaten anything except a grilled sandwich around noon, and a few chips with salsa and guacamole for dinner. Plus I went to the gym yesterday. What did I do? I ate my way through half a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Way to go, Marisa.

7. I realize this is a heavy topic on which I end my Quick Takes, but I'll throw it out there anyway. The last time Will and I attended a Latin Mass at our cathedral, naturally I wore my chapel veil. It was my first time ever attending a Latin Mass, and not only did I love it, but I loved wearing my veil, and I'm considering veiling at Sunday Mass now. I wouldn't be the only one doing so (we attend a fairly conservative church, and I usually see a few women every week with the chapel veil), but I'm afraid of being THAT woman who stands out. Incredibly vain, I know, and most likely ridiculous. I'm 98% sure the other parishioners wouldn't give it a second thought. Those of you who do veil-when and why did you start? How did you overcome your initial worry of drawing attention to yourself? How realistic is it to veil when you have small children?

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  1. Ew, #3 sounds waaayyyy to scary for me. When I was younger, maybe...but not now--I'd never sleep.

    We attend the Traditional Latin Mass, so we started veiling when we started going there. But, we do veil when we have to visit another church. I'm pretty sure I'm thinking more about what people think of me than they are actually thinking about me, lol!


    1. We are horror film/TV addicts-weird, I know! :)

      I wish we had the Latin Mass every Sunday. Unfortunately our church usually only offers it once every other month. But I agree, I'm pretty sure the general population of the church wouldn't really care one way or another if I veil. I think it's just me being paranoid! hahaha.

  2. I've been veiling for a few months (my husband has wanted me to for years and I'd been avoiding solely for vain reasons!) and honestly barely notice it anymore. I've found that what works best for me is to have my hair in a high bun or ponytail and have a veil with a built-in comb so that I can put it in easily enough and the babies can't pull it out. They like fingering the lace and embroidery, but nobody's tried to yank it out yet. I've got a 4yo, 2.5yo and 9mo twins, so lots of possibilities for sabotage!

    Anyway, I felt conspicuous the first few weeks, but I don't really notice it anymore. It forces me to mortify a little bit because I can't really make an effort to make my hair look nice because it's getting covered up anyway, which is a good thing for me.

    1. I really like the idea of a built-in comb. I remember another blogger mentioning a website (I think it's Veils by Lily, or something like that), that sells veils with combs sewn in. Our priest was speaking about humility at Mass today, and it almost felt like he was speaking to me re: the veiling issue. I want to veil to humble myself, but I haven't because I don't want to stand out in the crowd, which is the exact opposite of what I should be thinking! Ridiculous, I know. I appreciate your perspective!


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