What Makes Me Happy Today

1. This article. I always read it when I need a good, heartwarming pick-me-up. (Warning-do not click on the link unless you're comfortable with lots of swearing). It's hilarious, and a feel good article by a great comedy writer.

2. My brother, who is here helping me out. He's SO good with Tony and Alessandra, and you would never guess that he doesn't have kids of his own. Well, actually I have to retract that last statement. Yesterday I came home from my chiropractor appointment, and Mark said, "ummm, Tony had a very dirty, very stinky diaper. I cleaned him up and put a fresh diaper on him, but the other diaper was so bad I just didn't know what to do with it." He wasn't kidding. I went up to Tony's room, and found the dirty diaper in the middle of the room on the floor. He just gave up trying to do anything with it and left it there. I'm still laughing about this 24 hours later.

3. As most of you know, Will and I choose not to find out the sex of our babies when I'm pregnant. Both of us had a feeling that Alessandra was a girl, but we chose a boy name just in case. The morning she was born, even before I started feeling contractions, I goofed around checked out Pinterest, and on my news feed was the story of Saint Catherine de Ricci, an Italian saint from 16th century Italy. Her birth name was Alessandra Lucrezia Romola de Ricci, and I thought that was a pretty cool coincidence, considering that was the name we picked out for our baby girl a long time ago. I pinned it to my Catholic board, and a few hours later our own Alessandra was born.

4. Pictures from World Youth Day. Pope Francis=amazing.

5. There is a brand new Chuck E Cheese in Shreveport. Cheap, clean, and air-conditioned fun will be ours later this afternoon when the kiddos wake up from their nap. We went there last week when my mom was here, and apparently once an hour children will get free tickets if they do the "Cupid Shuffle" dance with Chuck. Hmmm.

6. Alessandra's onesie.
A favorite of English majors everywhere.

7. Tony's hat.

8. Cupcakes. Specifically, cupcakes from Buttercups in Shreveport. They are sinfully delicious, and one of today's flavors is King Cake. I'm trying to convince myself I really don't need a cupcake right now, but I'm not succeeding.

9. Knowing that I will see my wonderful husband in 9 days. 

10. A certain baby who was born yesterday (and no, I'm not referring to the Royal Baby, although I'm happy for Kate and William as well). Welcome to the world, Wyatt Christopher! Congratulations to our friends Shaun and Crystal, and big sister Lexi. 


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