Blogging Fail

I was doing SO well. Six posts six days in a row, and then I completely bombed my Sunday post. This was supposed to be the easiest post, too. What We Wore Sunday is the easiest post I write every week. I got a picture of Alessandra in a super cute outfit, accidentally deleted it, and I completely forgot to have my aunt take a picture of me this morning. Sigh. However, I've decided to give everyone who reads my blog a big 'ole self-esteem boost. Whenever you're feeling like you're not keeping up with the housework, just know that the floor underneath my bed looked like this a few days ago:
Feeling behind on the laundry? Here's what Alessandra's cloth diaper pail looks like when I conveniently forget to wash the diapers for more than two days in a row:
Oh, and we can't ignore the wardrobe choices I was forced to make upon neglecting my own laundry. That shirt I'm wearing? It says, "Irish and Italian. Half Gaelic, half Garlic." I TOTALLY fit in here in the South, sporting that Kelly green shirt in July.
So yeah. Blogging every day for a week? Hard. Keeping the house clean and laundry going while the hubby is gone for a month? Impossible. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. In other words, 1-2 posts per week. Thanks for this opportunity, fellow bloggers. It's been real.


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