7 Quick Takes-I'm Flyin' Solo

1. Boo to you, Blogger. I had all my Quick Takes typed out on the Blogger app on my phone at 5am, while attempting (and failing) to sleep on the couch since Little Miss refused to sleep anywhere but her swing last night. Sigh. Unfortunately, the app ate my post, so I'm re-typing everything.

2. I'm not *really* flying solo, but it's partially true. We bid Will farewell yesterday for an entire month, as he heads to Washington state to complete LDAC for Army ROTC. Fortunately my mother in-law has been here since Tuesday to help with the chaos, and my mom is flying in on Sunday to take over for a little while. I'm spoiled by all the help I'm getting with my wee ones. I won't lie, I definitely need it!

3. For those of you who aren't friends with me on Facebook, we had a massive parental setback early Thursday morning ("early" being 4am). Alessandra's swing, which had originally been Tony's, died while she was sleeping. The motor was completely shot, and baby girl was hysterical. You can better believe we hauled our butts to Babies 'R Us the second they opened yesterday morning, and purchased a brand new and admittedly super girly swing for our principessa. Check it out:
Doesn't she look thrilled?

4. I'm looking around our home, and mentally tracking everything that will need to be improved upon/repaired/purchased when we move in to our new place, whenever and wherever that will be. Military wives, how much do you loathe having to buy new curtains and curtain rods every time you and your family PCS? I swear, we NEVER end up in a place with similar windows to the last. Over the past seven years, I've bought more curtains than I care to remember. On the upside, I have quite the stash, and surely I'll be able to make them fit our windows at some point. Amiright?

5. In super awesome Catholic news, JPII is to be declared a saint! 

6. As far as my Netflix queue goes, I'm currently watching the seventh season of Dexter. I'm looking for a new TV series to get hooked on. Any suggestions? Downtown Abbey is tentatively on my list, as I've heard fantastic reviews of it. 

7. Is there anything I can do to encourage Alessandra to sleep in her bassinet throughout the night? I'm not expecting her to sleep through the night yet, as she's barely three months old and is exclusively breastfed. I'm just frustrated that after a quick diaper change and long nursing sessions in the middle of the night, she decides the bassinet is a no-go and flips out until I put her in the swing downstairs. I guess I should be happy that she's sleeping, but man. That couch is rough on my back. Any suggestions are welcome (so long as no one suggests crying it out-I'm not comfortable with that). 

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