7 Quick Takes Friday-Drive Thru Delight

1. What does one do when the 2-year old is acting out, the 3-month old refuses to sleep and the husband is not only gone for the month but completely out of contact? Partake in drive-thru daiquiris, of course! Mia mama is in town to give me a hand with the chaos, and after a particularly trying day we are rewarding ourselves with gazpacho, Jersey Mike's subs, a margarita and a vodka freeze. Life is good.

2. Any tips on getting Alessandra to transition from sleeping in her swing to sleeping in her crib? She's officially outgrown her bassinet, and I reeeeeally want to get her out of this "I can only fall asleep in my swing" stage.

3. My awesome husband bought me Khaled Hosseini's newest book as an anniversary present. Everyone keeps asking me how I like the book, and all I can say is "the first twenty pages have massively exceeded my expectations!" The old Marisa would have finished this book over the span of a few hours. Marisa, the mother of two small children? Yeah. Clearly I don't have the time to speed read like I used to.

4. Our church is having a NFP seminar on July 23rd. I desperately want to go, but...sigh. Child care.

5. My mom has ever so generously gifted me with a free babysitting and deep tissue massage certificate while she's here visiting. Considering the fact that I'm almost crying in pain every night, I'm ridiculously excited about this.

6. Since when are farmers markets so insanely expensive? When Will and I lived in Germany, we frequently went to the Saturday open air markets in the town square. We were able to get fruits, vegetables, eggs, flowers, you name it, for crazy cheap prices. I took Tony to the Shreveport farmers market last Saturday, and $15 later we were the proud owners of one watermelon and cucumber drink, as well as an apple treat and a (very small) crawfish pie. What???

7. Since I don't remember a whole lot about Tony's first few months (due to both my recovery from a uterine infection and exhaustion), about how soon can I expect to see Alessandra sleeping through the night? She's a little over 3 months old.

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