What We Wore Sunday

 Please forgive the less-than-stellar pictures this morning. Alessandra kept me up for a good portion last night comfort nursing, and Will was kind enough to get up with the kids at the ripe old hour of 6am so I could catch up on a little bit of sleep. The result? Two cranky little ones and two tired parents. We were about to leave for Mass when Will had to do a last-minute sprint upstairs to change his shirt because Alessandra peed all over him (Happy Father's Day!), but all in all things could have been a lot worse. Ignore the picture of me squinting; the light was shining right in my eyes.
On Alessandra:
Outfit and headband from Ladies in Waiting in Shreveport.
Daddy's Girl pacifier: Target
On me:
Skirt: White House Black Market (clearance...heck yeah!)
Blouse: Old Navy
Black flats (not pictured): DSW
Flower headband: Claire's 
Earrings: Lia Sophia
Happy Father's Day to all the dads here on earth and in heaven. For more Sunday styles, visit Fine Linen and Purple!


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