"Do You Reject Satan? And All His Empty Promises?"

 Move on over, Sofia Coppola.

Yesterday was Alessandra's baptism, which called for a gathering of family and friends, a gorgeous gown, a reception at a lovely Italian restaurant, a beautiful and delicious cake, and most importantly, our little girl receiving her very first sacrament. It wasn't the most peaceful baptism ever (at one point, she was screaming so loud the priest stopped and asked us if we wanted to give her a bottle or pacifier. I had the unfortunate job of telling him that neither would work), but she was relatively docile for the first half. It all started to go downhill when Fr. Peter blessed her with the oil on her chest. 
Yep...right about here.

Father Peter is going to pour holy water over my head? WHAT???!!!

The baby spit up on Will's shoulder really completes his outfit, don't you think?

 This picture is my favorite. I mean, just look at Tony's face. 

Despite the screaming during the baptism and the very fussy drive to the restaurant, it was a wonderful day. I'm so grateful to everyone who was able to attend, and I have to say, if I had this much fun shopping for a baptism gown for my 8-week old baby, I can only imagine how awesome it will be to go first communion dress shopping with 7 or 8-year old Alessandra. I mean, check out this gown. 
Principessa sure knows how to rock an outfit.

And for the final picture, I leave you with the cake I found on Pinterest and had the bakery duplicate. You're welcome. 


  1. I really think the exorcism comment should have been included in this post-lol!

  2. I love these photos! Such a happy day! :)

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! It was a very happy day indeed. :)


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