7 Quick Takes-Past the Storm

Good morning smiles from my chunka lunka love! (The girl, that is. My 2-year old also falls into that category).

1. Alessandra was two months old yesterday. I can't believe it. Where did my squishy little newborn go?? She has her two-month checkup today (oh boy...shots. Can't wait for the epic meltdown that will follow), and I'm anxious to see how much she weighs. Like Tony, I have another butterball on my hands!

2. Yesterday we had a legitimately scary storm here in Shreveport. It was one of the rare times I've been truly frightened driving in bad weather. I dropped Tony off at speech therapy, and as soon as I stepped out of the building the sky opened up on us. I was driving veeeeeeeery slowly down the road, and when I came to a stoplight in front of the LSUS Med building, I saw a woman attempt to cross the street. She had a big handbag and a small pocketbook, and she was holding on tightly to both of them. As soon as she stepped into the road, she fell into a massive puddle (which was really more like a kiddie pool, at this point), and she was struggling to get out. My first thought was "oh my God I must go help this woman immediately," but when I tried to open my door the rain and wind actually slammed it shut again. There was no way I could have helped her without making a bigger mess of things. I sat there helplessly (with my hazard lights on, so no one would try and go through the intersection) while she kept trying to get up and kept falling over. Fortunately, an orderly from the hospital saw what happened and he ran over and pulled her out of the street. I felt absolutely terrible for her, and I struggled with a huge amount of guilt yesterday for not doing something. Anything. 

3. Piggybacking off #2, the storm was so bad our power was out for several hours. I am now fully aware of how badly I would fare in a zombie apocalypse, a nationwide power failure, what have you. I kept thinking, "a cup of tea sounds great! I'll just...wait, can't use the stove. Or the microwave. I should really upload more pictures from Alessandra's baptism on Sunday. That will help pass the time! I'll just log on to my...damn!" 

4. I'm trying a new recipe tonight, and if it turns out I will post it on my blog. I am woefully behind in posting new recipes (considering this was a food blog for many years, that's pretty sad). I hereby vow to spend more time on Pinterest to find more enticing recipes to post for your viewing pleasure. The sacrifices I make for my family!

5. This should give you an idea of the temperature here in Louisiana. Midwestern girl ain't handling this weather with a whole lot of patience.
6. I was looking around our house this morning, thinking about how I should write a witty blog post about how our living room (and guest bathroom...and dining room) has been completely taken over by baby and toddler stuff. Hot wheels cars, the Fisher Price swing, the Elmo toy box, the bouncy seat...and I decided against it. Not because I'm not a fan of mama humor; believe me, you'll find me laughing hysterically at blog posts about post-baby bodies, messy homes and ragamuffin kids. No, I decided against writing that post simply because I realized, while nursing principessa this morning and trying to convince Tony that going on the potty is the coolest thing ever, is that despite the chaos and clutter and interrupted sleep I don't want my life to look like anything else. Not now, anyway. (Also, this isn't a jab at those other mom blogs. I know without a doubt those women love their babies and their lives and wouldn't trade it for a second. There are just some days I like to joke about toddler antics and sleepless nights, and other days I just want to take a deep breath and thank God for the blessed life I'm living). A few years ago, this used to be the average Friday night for me:
My friend Kat and I singing "Hollaback Girl" at an Irish pub in Frankfurt, Germany. I will have you know we had a lot of fans and we were pretty much the coolest people there. ;)

Back then, I used to be fearful of starting a family, because I knew how drastically our life would change, and I was worried that I would miss the freedom of our old life. You know what? I don't. That's not to say I don't look back on our time in Europe with nostalgia, because Will and I did have some incredible adventures, and we made some lifelong friends along the way. But that was then, and it was a part of my life that was fun and exciting, but not the life I want right now. I'm more than happy to trade in the karaoke and cocktails at O'Reilly's for a night of snuggling on the couch with Will watching a Netflix DVD with a glass of wine, and waking up bright and early with our babies. 

7. All that being said, I'm praying that Will gets another overseas assignment when he is active duty Army again. If not now, then sometime in the future. I want our children to experience another culture, maybe learn a new language, and develop an appreciation for travel and living life outside of their comfort zone. I miss Europe like crazy, and I pray that we have the chance to return again one day. 

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  1. Yikes, I'm so glad you and your family are safe! I can understand the feeling of wanting to do more for someone who seems in trouble, especially while driving, but when circumstances make that difficult, whatever they may be (and it certainly sounds like you had good reason to stay put), I think just offering your heart in prayer can be a consoling and meaningful way to assist. Have a good weekend!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I appreciate your insight, and I agree. Hope you have a great weekend as well!

  2. Love the picture of Alessandra! Love the blog-with the exception of #7! :(

    1. I was getting so many baby smiles this morning! I'm glad I had my camera with me. Sorry you don't like #7....I was wondering if you were going to say anything about it! :( Who knows where we will end up.


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