7 Quick Takes-Louisiana summer

1. Despite the raging, migraine-inspiring, insanely high temperatures, I really do enjoy summer in Louisiana. We have a farmers market twice a week, a drive-thru stand that serves gourmet snow cones and gelato, and let's not forget those fabulous drive-thru margaritas! The problem? Because I inherited my father's pasty Irish skin, I spend pretty much every summer covered head to toe in sunblock. To give you an idea of how sensitive my skin is, please refer to the picture below of my family and I at my best friend's wedding in Sanibel, FL.
Exhibit A: One semi-tanned husband. One angry lobster baby. Four of the palest people who ever graced the beaches of Florida.

2. Weight loss update-I've lost six pounds!!! Again, this is clearly the "slow and steady" approach, but I'm thrilled. My clothes are feeling somewhat loose, I have more energy, and honestly a little more confidence. I've also fallen in low with Skinny Cow and Weight Watchers desserts. They satisfy my sweet cravings, but they're very low-cal and tasty. 

3. Remember how I posted a few months ago about my concerns with Tony's lack of speech? I'm eating my words. His speech is rapidly progressing, which is wonderful, but the words he's saying...yeah. I seriously don't know where he's picking this up! I asked him what he wanted for dinner the other day, fully expecting the "mocky cheese" response. Nope. Tony looked at me, smiled and said, "eat....POOP!" He proceeded to laugh hysterically while I stared at him, completely stunned. He has now added "dirt, mud, Mama and Papa" to his list of things to eat, so I guess I should be grateful that he's branching out. Right? 

4. I'm going to start watching season 7 of Dexter tonight. I received the first Netflix disc yesterday (we don't have Showtime or HBO or any of those premium channels, so I usually end up waiting until the following year to catch up on a season). Unfortunately, season 8 has started, and for those of you who watch the show who are also friends with me on Facebook...please don't spoil it for me! 

5. For an anniversary present, my husband bought me Khaled Hosseini's (did I spell that correctly?) new book. I've been eagerly anticipating its' arrival in the bookstores, but now that it's actually sitting on my nightstand, I remembered that I have two little children and it's not quite so easy to just pick up a book and read for a long stretch of time. (I am one of those people who starts a good book in the late afternoon, and will stay up late until I finish it). 

6. For my Catholic bloggers and mamas out there who are looking for a good read, I highly suggest Unplanned, by Abby Johnson. It was something I really needed to read...it was truly an eye-opener. 

7. I know it's kind of a long way out, but Will and I were discussing the possible presidential candidates for 2016. Who does everyone think (or hope?) will run? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary. Happy weekend!


  1. I loved both his first books and will have to pick up the new one. I liked Kite Runner better than Suns, but both were riveting.

    This sounds odd but I kind of hope Chris Christy runs. I grew up extremely (fiscally) conservative and have always had a hard time reconciling my childhood learnings with today's republican party, as I'm very socially liberal. I feel like he might get a democratic or independent nomination (the right probably won't nominate him now), and he would be a good "middle of the roader." I like his attitude that we all have to work together, parties shouldn't matter. Other than that, no idea.

    1. I absolutely think that we all have to work together as well. I really wish we could move away from the Republicans vs. Democrats mentality as well. ("Can't we all just get along??"). ;) I grew up in a very fiscally conservative home as well, but my beliefs have changed back and forth over the years. Not just from a fiscal standpoint, but social as well. We shall see!!

  2. Congrats on your weight loss! Have you tried the yasso Greek yogurt popsicles? Only 2 points!

    1. Thanks Colleen! I haven't tried those popsicles yet, but I will keep an eye out the next time I'm at the grocery store. I love anything with Greek yogurt!


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