What WE Wore Sunday

Many of my fellow Catholic bloggers participate in the "What I Wore Sunday" (similar to the 7 Quick Takes in the Catholic blogging community). I've never participated before, mainly because up until very recently-read, last week-my wardrobe consisted of either maternity clothes I had been recycling for the past seven months, or "I'm struggling to find something appropriate for my postpartum butt to wear to Mass that won't fall off every time I stand up or pre-pregnancy clothes I don't have to shoehorn myself into." Well folks, I'm proud to announce that I'm officially back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and even though my body isn't quite where I want it to be, most of my clothes are starting to fit again. I think that calls for a celebration.

However, I still don't think that the general population really cares what I wear to Mass on Sundays. So, to make it a little more interesting, I'll be participating in "What WE Wore Sunday" every week. And by "we" I mean Alessandra and I. I mean, what's the fun in having a baby girl if you can't dress her in ridiculously frilly, beautiful, and over-the-top pink newborn clothes? Plus, I consider this a great way to show off the darling little outfits our bambina has received from family and friends thus far. So, without further ado...
Pants: White House Black Market
Sleeveless top: White House Black Market
Cardigan: White House Black Market (are we noticing a pattern yet?)
Shoes: Purchased about 7 years ago at Boston Store. 
Photobomber: Tony

Outfit: Gift from Nana, purchased about five years ago during a brief stint as a sales associate at Boston Store. Even then, Nana held out hope that we would have a little girl one day!
Flower headband: Gift from Zia Francesca!
Attitude: Herself. Sister is already perfecting her "get this camera outta my face" look.


  1. What a dolly! LOVE the headband! (You look great, daughter!)

    1. Thanks Mama! The outfit was so adorable on her, and it was super comfy too (I'm assuming. I didn't actually try it on myself!). ;)

  2. Oh goodness that flower headband is too much! My husband refuses to let me put them on our girls, sadly... Isn't it so fun to get girls dressed up after having a boy?

    1. It is SO much fun! The tutus, the leg warmers, the hats, the pink, oh my goodness! I vote that you put adorable little headbands on your girls when your husband isn't at home. ;) That way you get to indulge in dressing up your little beauties, and he doesn't have to see the headbands (why doesn't he like them, though? They're so cute!).


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