7 Quick Takes Friday-Road Trip Recovery

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1. Two weddings down, one to go! We returned late Wednesday night after two very looooooong days in the car. Rachel and Luke were married on Monday in Sanibel Island, FL (which is gorgeous, by the way. Once we got there, everything was perfect. Cottage right by the beach, delicious seafood, day of pampering at the spa with the lovely bride and bridesmaids...). The drive back, however, was quite the challenge. We stopped in Fort Rucker, AL on Tuesday night to meet up with our friends James and Maureen. We haven't seen them since we were living in Boston, so it was great to have a mini-reunion. The drive back to Shreveport on Wednesdays included lots of "if you throw those blankets off one more time, you're done!" and "don't make me come back there!" and "do we need to have a Come to Jesus talk??" The second we walked in the door I opened a much-deserved bottle of wine for Will and I.

2. A week from Sunday, our sweet baby girl will be baptized. Lots and lots of pictures to follow from the doting parents.

3. Following up with my weight loss plan, I'm happy to report that I weighed myself yesterday, and I'm down to 195.8lbs! I would prefer to have lost 2+ pounds per week, but I'm okay with a slow and steady weight loss. I figure I have a better chance of keeping the weight off that way. I'm really proud of myself; even though we were in Florida for a wedding and I would normally give myself permission to indulge, I didn't go crazy. I ordered broiled seafood (which tastes better than fried, anyway), if I wanted a drink I limited myself to a glass of wine, and I didn't go crazy with sweets or carbs. I'm going to head to the gym in a little while with the babehs, and get started on my toning/cardio. 

4. I'm SO not ready for another broiling hot summer, but unfortunately that seems to be in the cards. It's the end of May and it's already going to be 88 degrees today. :( 

5. We are attempting potty-training with Tony. It's been...interesting. He likes sitting on his Sesame Street potty, but I don't think he fully grasps that he's supposed to GO on the potty. I really, REALLY want to stop buying diapers. 

6. One of my absolute favorite things about summer is grilling outside, with a summery (adult) drink in hand, and enjoying dinner out on the patio with friends. At least, that's my favorite thing at my parents' house in Wisconsin. We've never really lived in a place with a decent backyard, or even a patio, so unless we want to hang out under the car port we're kind of out of luck. Hopefully, along with a decent-sized kitchen, our new place will have a backyard or patio. Wherever this "new place" may be.

7. I have the Today show on in the background, and the band Fun is performing a concert at the Jersey shore. I love the song "Some Nights" but they're one of those bands that absolutely sucks live. Sigh. Don't you hate when that happens?

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