7 Quick Takes-Our Life Thus Far

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1. I won't lie, I've had a hard time adjusting to the whole "being a mother of two little ones" thing. Keep in mind, I've had a ridiculous amount of help, too. My mom was here for two weeks, and my sister in-law and mother in-law showed up within hours of the other one leaving to give me a hand (I fully realize this is a testament to how lazy I am). So yeah. Happy, but overwhelmed and exhausted. That's pretty much where I'm at right now.

2. Rachel's wedding is less than a month away, and I'm looking forward to her beachy celebration with the whole family . I still haven't tried on the bridesmaid dress. I have to work up the courage for that one.

3. I need some healthy dinner recipes that will provide me with some much-needed nutrition but won't make Alessandra gassy and cranky. Any suggestions?

4. Nursing mothers, Pinterest is a godsend during those middle of the night feedings. Just sayin'.

5. I can't describe how grateful I am that I didn't experience the same problem I had (uterine infection) after Tony was born. Will and I were both very nervous and constantly on the lookout for any warning signs, but we are past the danger zone and so relieved.

6. I just realized I've had the first disc of season one for Call the Midwife sitting on top of our DVD player for the past two months. I should probably get around to watching that, hmmm?

7. I just love this little face.

And these little faces together.

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  1. LOVE!!! Call the Midwife...just LOVE it. And your babies are the cutiest!!

    1. Thanks Connie! ;) I'm so excited to see this series...I've heard SO many good things about it!


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