7 Quick Takes Friday-Operation TQuad Exodus

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1. Get this babeh outta me!! I haven't exactly been the most pleasant person to be around lately. I will be honest when I say I knew this baby wasn't going to come early. I mean, that would just be far too easy. However, I WAS hopeful that TQuad would come on his/her due date, or at least right around. Nope. I'm at the 41-week mark, and I almost started crying when I woke up this morning and realized that yet another night had gone by without me going into labor.

2. Here is the list (in no particular order) of what I've been doing to jump-start labor naturally. Feel free to comment with any additional suggestions.

Spicy foods
Evening Primrose Oil
5-W capsules (recommended by my midwife)
Nipple stimulation with breast pump
Weekly chiropractor adjustments

So. I've been pulling out all the stops, short of castor oil (I REALLY want to avoid that one).

3. Even though we tend to drive each other a tad batty, it's been great having my mom here. She's a huge help with my super energetic toddler, we are eating delicious food, and my house is pretty dang clean. Thanks mama. :)

4. Fact: indulging in a sugar-fueled post Lenten frenzy after cutting out all desserts/sweets for forty days will cause one to have extreme difficulty sleeping at night. Found that out the hard way.

5. After barely managing to cram three adults, a toddler and an infant car seat in our sedan today, Will and I are strongly considering ("considering" being the operative word) on checking out a few certified pre-owned vehicles. I really hate to be one of those "waaaahhhhhhhhh we have more than one child and now we need a ginormous monster truck" kind of moms, but let me tell you it's been a tight fit. Not to mention, our frequent out of town guests are kind of screwed if they're relying on us for transportation, the idea of taking a long or even semi-long road trip with two little ones and a dog in the sedan makes me want to break out in hives...you get the idea. Nothing is set in stone, but we're exploring a few options.

6. My mom bought Tony a Baby Sign Language DVD. The good news? He absolutely loves it, and he's picking up on quite a few new signs (and phrases! He's doing more talking!). The bad news? The music and the woman doing the signing make me want to blow my brains out. It's awful. Will and I randomly burst out into the "Diaper Dance" yesterday evening. Lord help us.

7. Please send some "let's get this party started" prayers/vibes to my body. I can't take too much more of this!

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  1. You're welcome, daughter! Thank you for giving me the most precious grandson ever!

  2. You are funny Tushkie. I think the baby will come eventually.

    1. I'm not sure. :( I'm convinced I'm going to be pregnant forever.

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